New Walking Dead Season 9 Trailer Says Goodbye To Rick

The times of Grimes.


Andrew Lincoln has played the lead character of Rick Grimes in The Walking Dead since the hit AMC zombie drama started in 2010. However, the upcoming ninth season will be Lincoln's last--while we don't yet know how his character will be written out of the show, we do know that he will only appear in a handful of episodes. Now, a new trailer for Season 9 has been released that looks at Rick's role in his final episodes.

The promo is over five minutes long and provides plenty of new footage. As in The Walking Dead comic book, Season 9 has jumped forward in time since the end of Season 8, with several communities now established and relative peace seeming to exist. Of course, it doesn't look like it will last for long. We also have footage of Negan taunting Rick from his prison cell and a teaser for the arrival of another of the comic book's great villains--the Whisperers. Check it out above.

This trailer follows a crazy kaleidoscopic teaser that was released last week, plus this batch of new imagery. The Walking Dead Season 9 premieres on AMC on October 31.

This will also be the final season for Lauren Cohan, who has played Maggie since Season 2 in 2011. Like Lincoln, she is only expected to appear in a few episodes, but she has suggested that her exit might not be a final one.

"It feels like the greatest way to honor it is to keep it open-ended because whether it's about me going back as Maggie or whether it's about me just taking in, absorbing, and honoring everything I've learned there," she told GameSpot. "It will never, ever leave me. And that is I think the greatest compliment you can give to anything and to any group of people because we all came together to make something that we didn't know was going to have this success that it did."

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