New Walking Dead Game From Overkill Will "Payday-esque" in a "Bigger World"

Speaking at a panel at South by Southwest, series creator Robert Kirkman discussed avoiding the problems that plague licensed games.


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Last year, Overkill announced that they were working on a new Walking Dead game set in the comic universe. In a panel at SXSW, Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman gave a few more details about the forthcoming game.

"I can say that it will be Payday-esque because [Starbreeze and Overkill] are currently doing Payday," Kirkman said (via Polygon). "But I'm told it will be in a bigger world than Payday currently encompasses. They are going to be learning a lot of stuff from Payday that they will be incorporating into the Walking Dead game. There will be announcements about the game very soon."

Kirkman also spoke about why Telltale's take on the Walking Dead franchise was so successful.

"The key I think, which is very important, is that we're not doing, 'Hey, it's Daryl Dixon running around shooting zombies, because you like Daryl Dixon.' Or 'It's Rick Grimes doing this because you like Rick Grimes.' We're telling our own stories and doing our own things almost as if they are original games."

This could be a jab at The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct from Activision, which was almost universally panned despite selling quite well. The marketing for Survival Instinct relied heavily on cross-promotion and marketing with the show.

No release date for the new Walking Dead game has been announced yet, but it's tentatively scheduled for 2016.

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