New video shows Wii U loading times shortened via system update

System update shown to shave around 10 seconds off loading the Wii U system menu.


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Nintendo has released a video detailing the machine's upcoming spring system update, which shows improvements to loading the Wii U's system menu when exiting software.

In the video, exiting to the Wii U's system menu from New Super Mario Bros. U takes about seven seconds with the new update. On the old version it's shown taking roughly 17 seconds.

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said in January that Nintendo would improve the system's loading times by releasing two system updates for the Wii U this year, with the second due later in 2013.

Earlier this month Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot pledged to support the Wii U but said the machine needed to sell more units. "We think Wii U is a great machine. But it just has to sell more," he said at the time.

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