New Venom Trailer: Tom Hardy's Symbiote Revealed For Spider-Man Spin-Off Movie


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Sony is developing a whole slate of movies based around characters from Marvel's Spider-Man comic books, the first of which is Venom. The film stars Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock, a journalist who is taken over by a vengeful alien symbiote, and the full trailer has been released--check out our breakdown.

While February's first teaser just set the tone for the movie, this new trailer gives us more plot details and plenty of action. We see Brock investigating a sinister scientist, played by Rogue One's Riz Ahmed, who is performing secret experiments with a strange black alien matter. Brock becomes infected with the goo, which takes over his body and personality and gives him some amazing new powers. Check the trailer out above.

Venom releases on October 5, 2018, and also stars Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman), Jenny Slate (The Lego Batman Movie), and Woody Harrelson (Solo: A Star Wars Story). Zombieland's Ruben Fleischer is directing.

Athough Spider-Man features in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sony still owns the movie rights to the character. There was initially some confusion about whether Venom will be part of the MCU, and whether Spider-Man could appear in any of the spin-offs. Both Marvel boss Kevin Feige and Spidey actor Tom Holland have stated that the two universes are entirely separate. However, last year, former Sony boss and Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal suggested otherwise, before subsequently switching to Feige's position.

Venom will be followed by another Spidey spin-off, Silver & Black, which will focus on Silver Sable and the Black Cat. The film was originally set for release in February 2019, but earlier this year director Gina Prince-Bythewood confirmed that the movie had been delayed because she was "still working on the script."

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Avatar image for davismeister

The thing about venom is that it copied Spiderman's look and abilities after leeching off of Peter parker, but this venom I'm assuming didn't go through all that. Sony is screwing up by not sticking with the formula

Avatar image for P00DGE

This is going to fall flat on its face.

Avatar image for alldaelong

I just peed on myself i'm so excited.

Avatar image for deactivated-5b0457a4d6084

Hell ya I can’t wait.

Avatar image for mihcu

What a disappointment.

Avatar image for Zenopants

"Spectacular alien mayhem"

Meth. It's a helluva drug.

Avatar image for cejay0813

Tom Hardy will body this role. Looks great!

Avatar image for tsunami2311

so venom origins have been "changed" hollywood just love to do change things, look more intresting then the spiderman movies that keep get rebooted

Avatar image for commander

looks sick af

Avatar image for streamline

It bothers my ears when I hear that scientist say symBI-ote. Yes, rolls off the tongue fine like the other pronunciation, but it sounds harsher to the ears

Avatar image for rodoxthedark

Shit hot

Avatar image for stablegenius


Avatar image for doodoflife

Advertorial much?

Avatar image for Pyrosa

Kinda looks like a direct-to-video, 27% on the Tomato-score, piece of obviois crap to me... If this is the best they have to show thus far, they can probably just can it now and show it on Netflix to save $$$.

Avatar image for Xristophoros

@Pyrosa: yup... in 5-10 years, far fewer films will make their way to the cinema. producers can put more money into their production budget while cutting the marketing budget completely, making for a less risky outlook. this particularly works well for the studio when the movie is anticipated to be a disappointing flop, such as cloverfield paradox.

Avatar image for idakooz

@Pyrosa: You do know that some movies produced by Netflix costs just comparable to a movie released in theaters?

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@idakooz: 100% understand that; re-read what I wrote and notice that I did NOT say nor imply production costs.

One of the HUGE advantages in cost-savings that Netflix has is "free automated advertising to 100% of its audience." Upload media, add metadata, and poof.

Compare that to the pre-release costs of theatrical release. Commercials alone are staggering costs, but don't leave out billboards, web ad insertion, buses and taxis, etc., etc....

Factor in the existing distribution contract for (limited) Marvel IP on Netflix. Pennies on the dollar.

So yeah -- HUGE cost savings to avoid theater at this point. Tens of millions of dollars.

Avatar image for cejay0813

@idakooz: Lol you beat me to the punch. He's using Netflix like it's some low-budget platform. Netflix is a powerhouse now.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@cejay0813: Wrong again.

...and yet... You make a new, completely correct point. Tens of thousands of low-budget films can be found on Netflix, specifically because it's insanely cheap and easy for anyone to generate a distribution contract with them.

Avatar image for lionheartssj1

The way they're pronouncing symbiote is killing me, as is whatever Tom's accent is supposed to be. I didn't see a shot of the full suit so I couldn't see if they had the white spider on it. It's going to be an awkward (at best) sell for this entire character without Spider-Man.

Avatar image for craigtl

@lionheartssj1: That is exactly what I was thinking. The reason why venom looks like an evil mutant version of spiderman is because that was his first host right? It moved on to a new host but ultimately kept some of spiderman's traits.......This creates a huge hole in the entire story for me.

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

@craigtl: I think it could be pretty good.

For me, even with Spider-Man, Venom hasn't been the best in the comics either. LOVED him in the 90's comics, but I really didn't like the 'Ultimate' universe.

The one thing that bothers me, is Eddie Brock's hatred of Peter Parker and the symbiotes shared hate/love of Peter Parker. Because that's what drives the character. Interesting thing, if Peter ever decided to accept Venom, Venom would choose him, Peter is the prefered host.

I love the new take, that Deadpool is the reason Venom is a lunatic, being the actual original host.

Come to think of it, I agree they missed a beat not doing it that way and getting Spider-Man/Venom Origin story out of the way, because, there is some other cool stories that is tricky to get to now.

The Symbiotes are probably my favorite thing about the Spider-Man universe.

Avatar image for craigtl

@HalcyonScarlet: It could be good, but I think for the core fans of the comic to like it this way its going to have to be great. I feel like whenever you take these kind of artistic liberties on a fan favorite you have to knock it out of the park. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

@craigtl: Me too.

Have to say, at least some Marvel films could do with a bit of darkness. This seems to have a tone that reminds me of Blade I think. Kinda miss that from Marvel films.

Avatar image for craigtl

@HalcyonScarlet: ha, I know what you mean. Thats why I loved Netflix's Punisher.

Avatar image for HalcyonScarlet

**** Avengers, this is what I'm looking forward to. :-)