New Vectorman title to debut at E3

Sega is working on a new game in the Vectorman series for the PlayStation 2.


Sega of America has announced that a new Vectorman game is currently in development for the PlayStation 2. The game, which will be shown at the upcoming E3, will be a third-person shooter in which players take on the role of Vectorman, a robotic soldier capable of changing into different forms. Vectorman will have access to 15 weapons and 25 upgrades while exploring the planet known as Gamma 6, which must be rescued from the evil orbot named Volt. Enemies in Vectorman for the PlayStation 2 will feature advanced AI, allowing them to take cover when attacked or formulate strategies using different objects in the environment.

"Vectorman doles out destruction in spades," said Mike Fischer, vice president of marketing, Sega of America. "With a massive arsenal of circuit-shredding weapons and upgrades, things are bound to get messy. You'll almost start feeling bad for the orbots. Almost."

Vectorman is scheduled for release in early 2004.

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