New Valorant Agent Skye's Abilities Confirmed Ahead Of Act 3

Riot has released more information about Valorant's upcoming Act 3, which includes a new map, a new character, and many new unlockables.


Valorant players are eager to get their hands on the new Agent, the Aussie Initiator Skye. But while she won't come to the game until October 27, Riot has released new information about Valorant's upcoming Act 3, which comes to PC on October 13.

Most notably, this announcement confirms the leaked details of Skye's kit that were previously posted to Reddit. As her character trailer shows, she has a varied skill-set themed around her various animal guardians, including a hawk that doubles as a flash grenade, a tiger that explodes outward in a damaging blast, and a healing wave that can treat the wounds of allies, but not Skye herself.

Her ultimate ability sends out three jellyfish-like seekers that automatically target nearby opponents and inflict visual interference termed "nearsighting" on a hit. Given that only one Agent can currently heal--Sage, who is generally considered a must-pick, even after several nerfs to her abilities--it's clear that Skye might have an outsized impact on the game's meta.

Act 3 will also bring a new map to the game, Icebox. The frosty warzone features several ziplines and two bomb-sites, and is designed to emphasize verticality and longer sight lines compared to the existing maps. This new update will introduce a new battle pass to the game, as well as a new skin theme, the futuristic Singularity.

Earlier this week, a video released by the developer explained the wide-ranging shifts that the patch will bring to the game's competitive modes, which include tightening the ranked queue disparity from six tiers to three tiers, as well as giving players the option to select their preferred server.

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