New UT 2007 screens now on GameSpot

Midway ships out a quintet of screenshots for its upcoming PC shooter, Unreal Tournament 2007.


Unreal Tournament III

Unreal Tournament 2007, the follow-up to the popular PC shooter Unreal Tournament 2004, is gearing up for release sometime this winter, as confirmed yesterday by Midway CEO David Zucker. More information is expected on the game next week when Midway hosts a preview of its 2006 lineup in Los Angeles.

Those who can't wait to see the latest screenshots of the game won't have to count down the days until next Wednesday. Five new shots of the game are available at GameSpot, including a still of a vehicle in a Blade Runner-esque city; a detailed picture of the Hellbender II vehicle; and a close-up of a man with a very, very big gun.

To see the screens and more of what Midway has in store for the year, head over to the GameSpot @ Midway page.

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