New UT 2004 server rental service announced

Taking a cue from other online game publishers, Epic and Atari provide a new way to streamline the process of setting up a UT 2004 server.


Unreal Tournament 2004

Today, Epic Games and Atari launched a new section of the Unreal Tournament 2004 Web site, which is solely dedicated to renting servers to UT 2004 players. Drawing inspiration from other companies that have provided similar services in recent years (such as EA's service for Battlefield 1942), UT 2004's rental program is designed specifically to make it easy for clans to set up their own gaming servers.

In terms of pricing options, servers on the new service can be secured on a month-to-month plan, with a price of $8 per player slot on a public server and $4 per player slot on a private server. The site offers 8- to 16-player slots per server, and server managers will be able to maintain their servers through an administrative Web manager on the Web site. Additional details about the service can be found in this UT 2004 FAQ devoted to the program.

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