New Uncharted Movie Details Revealed

"Here's maybe an opportunity to do a treasure-hunting action movie with attitude..."


Uncharted is being made into a movie, with Stranger Things and Night at the Museum director Shawn Levy attached to direct, with Spider-Man actor Tom Holland playing a young Nathan Drake. Now, Levy has discussed the film in more detail, saying he and writer Joe Carnahan are trying to make "an Indiana Jones-type" franchise for the audience who didn't grow up with Indiana Jones.

"For me, it was the fact that the game is awesome--the spirit of the game, with its action set pieces, its imaginative settings, and above all the kind of rogue swagger of Nathan. Those are things that I think make for a great movie," Levy told Nerdist, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Carnahan previously talked about how the characters Drake and Indiana Jones are not all that similar, with the film overall having an "anti-Indiana Jones" feel to it.

The Uncharted movie won't be a direct adaptation of any of the games, which is probably for the best, as Levy acknowledged this can be a troubling and difficult route to take. Levy had an "aha" moment for the story when speaking with Holland.

"He kind of put it really succinctly in saying, if we do the origin of Drake--Tom Holland as younger Drake--that is something that we haven't seen as the plot of game 1, 2, 3, 4," Levy said. "We've seen a snippet of an origin of Sully and Drake meeting in the past, but here's maybe an opportunity to do a treasure-hunting action movie with attitude, with a protagonist and chapter of the protagonist's life that you can't get for free at home by just playing the game."

The Uncharted series is know for its huge set pieces, and overall you can expect the film to attempt to embody the "spirit and the tone and the attitude" of the game series, Levy said.

An Uncharted movie has been in the works for years now, having been announced back in 2009. Actors whose names were connected to leading roles over the years included Mark Wahlberg, Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson. Chris Pratt is among those to pass on the role of Drake.

There has been some controversy over the Uncharted movie. After a script was completed, game developer Naughty Dog's Neil Druckmann later denied a comment from Carnahan suggesting the developer was happy with the movie. Druckmann said Naughty Dog had not seen the script and that he wished Carnahan would "stop implying that he has our support."

The next Uncharted game, The Lost Legacy, comes out on PS4 on August 22. Unlike the mainline series, The Lost Legacy stars Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross in a story involving the Tusk of Ganesh. GameSpot's review scored the game a 9/10.

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They should just leave it alone.

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Neil Cuckmann wasn't the developer of Uncharted, he took over from Amy Henning, which is who Carnahan talked to. The new "Uncharted" "games" are a movie, they don't need a movie made of them. Neil Cuckmann is a liar with no integrity and he needs to shut his derivative mouth and stick to his The Walking Dead fan fiction.

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Meh...I'd rather see the Bioshock movie

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The fact that Naughty Dog isn't involved with the production of this movie speaks volumes to how bad its going to be. Plus, all these great actors turning down roles says a lot about the directors and producers involved with the prooject.

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Aaaa... nathan isn't british, and does anyone knows how is tom's american accent.

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@zaselim: Fine, but doesn't matter because he totally isn't Drake.

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@Barighm: no sir, he is definitely not.

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It's just gonna come off as a basic adventure movie so I'm not gonna expect much if it ever gets made.

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loved the games, but this again sounds like another template shit movie, another cash grab from Jewlywood.

full disclosure im from Israel and im tired of watching hollywood crap, i dont think i saw one movie or one show in the past 5 years without some american sucking up to jews or israelies.

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Honestly don't understand how Sony allows this to happen. Surely past video game films prove, that it's best to sit with the creators and agree on it. How do these films get made without support from the creators.

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@bez1212: my question is how niel feels about it.

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@zaselim: any of them they should at least of took on board one of the writers or had them input on the movie, it's just a cash in then. Even if it is ok or even good it's a true cash in without support from the studio. It shouldn't be allowed, same as if a fan makes something and profits from a game. It's illegal, should be the same

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I really don't see Tom Holland for this part. I think they're just going for star power over actors that actually suit the role. I'm not sure they even care about the Uncharted gaming fanbase's opinion.

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I like all of the Uncharted games. I own 1 through 4 and Golden Abyss for Vita. Gonna pick up the Lost Legacy as well... None of which were (or will be) "free to play at home". This movie sounds like trash. Also, there's been tons of "young drake"- I think in 3 and 4.

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So...a director and actor who is hot, neither of which really fit the part, an original story because apparently the super cinematic games are difficult to adapt, and a plot that focuses on something "we can't get for free just playing at home" because apparently we need a reason to see the movie instead of playing the games...

Yeah, this movie is being made for all the right reasons. And with the right people. And with the right goal...*barfs*

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They keep saying Kid drake hasn't been seen.. but we saw quite a bit of kid drake in both 3.. and then even more in 4.. and while I actually didn't mind those parts of the game.. I feel like now the movie is going to try to change what we already know about kid drake and kill the entire fan base.

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im gonna call it now this garbage is doomed to fail like all video game movies

the director/producers are gonna be blabbing on about how this is gonna change the curse and make billions and all that BS, NOPE!! remember assasins creed that is exactly what the idiots at Ubisoft did and guess what...............

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@shadowwarrior4: You are probably right, it will most likely suck. But, I think we should acknowledge that Uncharted has more POTENTIAL to be a good movie. Many video games that are adapted (Assassin's Creed, Angry Birds, Far Cry, Mario) are f**ked from the start due to a structure that just does not inherently work as a movie. But, Uncharted is conceived as a linear, Indiana Jones-inspired, movie like adventure. It will probably fail, but there is a more promising foundation.

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@guudgidga: there is absolutely no reason that assassins creed couldn't have been a good movie. None. Producers and writers get cute and over think this shit.

I see the same thing here. Kid Nathan Drake? **** off. Get Nathan Fillion and make a new adventure for Drake. Take your cues from great adventure films, just like Lucas and Spielberg did with Indy. This is not that hard.

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@guudgidga: Except the games structure doesn't really matter unless they are directly adapting the story. The fact that they are writing their own story removes any real excuse about the structure of the game since the story being used is made for the film. Most game movies are bad simply because the ones doing it are doing so more as a quick cash grab rather than any real respect or interest in the source material and considering it's already been stated that they aren't discussing this with the people at Naughty Dog this movie will likely fall into the same category.

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If this is truly going to be based on kid Drake them I think imma pass as playing as Kid Nathan Drake were the worst parts of the game for me. Although Tom Holland is a great pick for that role though but they better hurry up and start shooting before the kids grows up lol he's already like what 20?

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@Marky360: Yeah I'm actually pretty tired of these studios "going young" with roles that should be manly, roles that younger people can look up to, like Indiana Jones was. I recall the McGuyver reboot where they cast a clean-cut chump young kid. That just holds no water with me. I'll pass if this franchise is all young Drake. They should have just done a young Drake flashback in the movie or something and cast an adult with some damn "stage" presence.