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New Uncharted 4 Multiplayer Patch Adjusts Mystical Prices and Balances Weapons

Uncharted 4 players can now only have two mines deployed at any time, instead of three.


Uncharted 4 may be known for its single-player, but it also has exciting mutliplayer. The online mode has received a brand new update that intends to balance the action by reducing the number of mines you can use, increasing some guns' stats, and adjusting the price of certain Mysticals.

Weapons set to be balanced include mines, which can only be placed two at a time instead of the previous three. Guns that see their fire rate increased include the Jackal and Mettler M-30, while the Aegis 9 mm's fire rate and effective range have decreased. The Spezzotti 12 Gauge's headshot damage multiplier has increased, and the MP34a's ammo capacity has been reduced from 120 to 90.

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The Cintamani Stone Mystical prices have been adjusted. It's still set at the $400 starting price, but now increases to $700, $1,050, and $1,400 on subsequent purchases--each of the three prices has been raised by at least $100 from its original. The Staff of Ayar Manco had its starting price raised, while its third, fourth, and fifth-use prices are all lower than the original's costs. You can check out the exact prices in the patch notes at the bottom of this article.

The patch also decreases the chance of an idol getting duplicated, reduces the price of single-use Booster chests from 150 to 100 Relics, and lowers the effectiveness of blindfiring with all weapons and mods.

You can see the full list of notes below:


  • Update to decrease chances of the idol being duplicated
  • Update to Network messaging
  • One-Use Booster chest has been reduced from 150 to 100 Relics
  • Blindfire reduction for all weapons and mods


  • Cintamani Stone
    • In-game costs have been altered
    • Was – $400, $600, $900, and $1,200
    • Now – $400, $700, $1,050, and $1,400
    • Full Revive mod is now $200
  • Staff of Ayar Manco
    • In-game costs have been altered
    • Was – $300, $450, $750, $950, and $1,150
    • Now – $400, $500, $600, $900, and $1,100
  • Spirit of the Djinn
    • Loadout Point cost has been changed from four to three
  • Indra’s Eternity
    • Fix unlock requirements for the mods


  • Mine
    • The player can now only have two mines deployed at one time (formerly three)


  • Aegis 9mm
    • Fire rate decreased
    • Effective range decreased
    • Recoil increased slightly
  • Jackal
    • Loadout Point cost removed, weapon is now free
    • Fire rate increased
    • Reload rate increase
    • Effective range increased
  • Spezzotti 12 Gauge
    • Effective range increased
    • Headshot damage multiplier increased
    • Loadout Point cost reduced to five
  • M14 Custom
    • Loadout Point cost reduced to five
  • MP34a
    • Reduce max ammo of MP34a from 120 to 90
  • Mettler M-30
    • Fire rate increased
    • Recoil decreased in and out of scope aim
  • Raffica
    • Delay between shots has been reduced

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