New Umbrella Corps Trailer Shows Iconic Resident Evil Locations

Check out fresh gameplay from the upcoming shooter.


Capcom has released a new trailer for Umbrella Corps, its upcoming third-person shooter set in the Resident Evil universe.

The video, which you can below, shows a Raccoon City that has descended into chaos, with teams of agents battling over biological samples as infected zombies indiscriminately attack both sides.

The video also showcases some of the different gameplay modes that will be available in the game. Among these is Multi-Mission, a 3-on-3 mode that provides multiple "unique ways to play."

We're also given a look at some of the locations the action takes place over, such as Resident Evil 2's Raccoon City, Kijuju from Resident Evil 5, and the Spanish village from Resident Evil 4.

"The Raccoon City map features wide open city streets contrasted against a claustrophobic maze-like sewer system underneath," Capcom explains in a press release. "Players can take cover behind vehicles above ground, while cutting a path through the underground could prove to be advantageous.

"The Police Station map is scattered with makeshift barricades throughout the halls but the overall lack of hiding places will maximize the frequent close quarter encounters. Using available cover effectively and utilizing the Tactical Shield for added protection will be the key to survival here."

Also shown in the trailer is the Upgrade Pack, which features "iconic" Resident Evil character skins, weapons patches, custom colours, and emotes. The Upgrade Pack is available as an add-on for €14.99/£11.99/ $14.99.

The Deluxe Edition includes both the game and the Upgrade Pack contents together at a discounted cost of €39.99/£32.99/$39.99.

"Players can join the fray with masks for Chris Redfield, Albert Wesker, Leon S. Kennedy, Barry Burton, and Jake Muller as well as a HUNK set with a helmet, mask and outfit."

Umbrella Corp launches on June 21 for PC and PlayStation 4. The game was originally scheduled to come out in May, but was delayed to give developers extra time to "optimize" for launch.

Capcom has said the launch of Umbrella Corps represents "warm up" for what Capcom has in store for the full year. Reports have indicated Resident Evil 7 is in development. If so, it may be announced during E3 in June, though this has not been confirmed.

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Who is fast forwarding the video?

Avatar image for derekscorp

Oh yay, another f***ing Call of Duty knockoff.

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I don't know why everyone is bashing the game, I mean sure it doesn't look the greatest but I feel like it's going to be good mindless fun.

Avatar image for advocacy

So, the next Resident Evil game will be set in Detroit?

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i guess each map set different times ? Raccoon City Map look like set during incident but RPD Building look after city get nuke ?

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Looks like a last gen game....a bad last gen game.

Expect servers to be dead after a month

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...looks like crap. ...and I only have Xbox One. FU Capcom! ...not buying a Playstation.

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This would've been very impressive about 10 years ago.

Avatar image for advocacy

@datriax: Screw Overwatch, this is Game of the Year material right here.

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Saw some words like modes, but all i saw was shooting.

Avatar image for derceto

Looks like a high school project gone sideways. Are those stock animations taken from 1996? Love that effect where the character just slides on the screen and the feet and legs move arbitrarily. ROFL

Wow. Who would possibly want their name attached to this worthless pile of garbage?

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**** the the haters I wanna play!!

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@vexxouds: lol I feel sorry for you. Go see a psychologist please, I mean right now hurry!

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Gamers - I hate that game developers never do anything different.

Capcom - Let's listen to fans, and try something different.

Gamers - I've never played this, I won't play this, yet I still hate it, and will run to metacritic to give it a Zero score. Hell, I might even buy it on steam so I can never play it but still leave a bad review.

This is pretty much the comment section here every time a game company does something that isn't cookie cutter normal.

Avatar image for Kusann

@Zorlac: Different is not always good or better. Besides this is nothing "different", there was a game before this one (Operation Raccoon City, or something?) -which sucked- with similar gameplay. Then you see the trailer and, graphics aside -even when they look like Wii graphics- the game looks like garbage, they showcase "modes" yet everything I saw was people shooting with guns that sound like little snare drums.

If developers want to do something different, they need to make it better or with similar quality, not worse.

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@Zorlac: metroid prime federation force springs to mind even though the gameplay looks similar to the apparently beloved prime series xD

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You see, crap like this is making me skeptical about the upcoming RE7.

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GOTY there, kids

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My bad, I thought the division was out already

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I really don't get it who is asking for these type of games to be made, where is the demand for these type of games I really don't believe these type of games selling that well surely not.

Avatar image for ice12tray

@Keitha313: If they took their time and really worked on these spin-offs they could be a huge hit. Problem is they seem rushed and don't play well. Ever since Mercenaries 3D on the 3DS, I have been hoping they would do something similar for consoles so my buddy and I could play one of our favorite parts of the Resident Evil games all on one disc.

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I like how the rain sticks to the screen during the shootouts....or maybe I need to clean my monitor

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Meh, looks like ORC 2.0 to me......

Avatar image for Mokuba34

@darthrevenx: Except ORC looked good and was semi entertaining this just looks like a train wreck of which i will try and then regret it a week later :/

Avatar image for darthrevenx

@Mokuba34: ORC wasn't that good either.....the story was meh, much of the content didn't match what a spec ops team would have to deal with and if you really were supposed to be with Umbrella then why were you fighting them as well as Stars?? game couldn't decide what side it was on or what genre it wanted to be, action shooter, survival horror or tactical shooter.....

look at Star Wars Republic Commando, they made no compromise and even changed some SW aspects to fit a tactical shooter and by fitting that it was still very SW......

the environments, weapons, armor and enemies were all SW but much of the gameplay was tactical shooter style and it worked well.....ORC tried compromising to a middle ground and kinda sucked at all aspects....

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@darthrevenx: Im not defending ORC in any manner but i would much rather play ORC than UC as i havent seen anything that makes it any better so if i wanted to play a generic Resident Evil shooter i will play ORC....but doubtful i ever put that disk in my ps3 ever

Its kinda unfair to compare them with games from Lucas Arts who had a brain on knew how to spread their franchise out into as many genres that made sense unlike Capcom which thinks if you put the Resident Evil in the title of a generic shooter with a $5 budget the fan base will praise them and show up in record numbers to preorder it :(

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Pretty cool trailer, it shows off the games content very well. Should be a welcomed edition to the online action shooter genre. Not a fan of the masks though, would be better if they were real skins you had to collect by killing your enemy, taking the mask, and then putting it over your face. Then we can all be cool and run around fighting over who gets to wear Leon.

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looks a little messy and generic to me, guess time will tell, hope its good