New trailer for Ultimate Gay Fighter, the "world's first ever gay video game"

Developers release new video for upcoming Mortal Kombat-inspired fighting game that features "gaytalities."

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Developer Handsome Woman has released a new trailer for the Mortal Kombat-inspired mobile game Ultimate Gay Fighter, which the New York City studio calls the "world's first ever gay video game...ever."

The trailer introduces players to some of the villains they will fight, including the political pundit Anne Paylin, Maxx 2.0, and Preach, who appears to be modeled after a Christian fundamentalist. The video also includes a reel of "Sh*t Ultimate Gay Fighters Say," which includes lines like "Death by scissors! and "Move in with Me," as well as "That belt, those shoes? Bad idea!"

Ultimate Gay Fighter was originally announced in November and will launch this month for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone devices. It features 12 levels, achievements, and online leaderboards, In addition, the game riffs on Mortal Kombat's famous "fatalities" by allowing players to perform "gaytalities."

Instead of blood, rainbows and unicorns will flow from player's bodies when attacked. When a player is victorious, a prompt appears that says, "You win! Congrats, slut."

According to creator Michael Patrick, Ultimate Gay Fighter began as a joke over drinks at brunch one day. The concept is to reenact classic fighting games but add gay characters with moves that suit their "specific lifestyles and interests."

"I started thinking about how gays are represented in the media. We are the sickly ones, your sassy best friends, the funny ones, the ones who sing, and the ones who decorate your house, style your clothes, and do your hair," Patrick said. "We are never the kick-ass fighters, the bad-asses who rescue you and save the day. And if we are, we are washed with heterosexual personas and mannerisms."

Overall, Patrick described Ultimate Gay Fighter as a "love letter to my gay family."

"You can be queeny, you can be butch, or you can be in-between. You can be any or all the bandana colors and the colors in the rainbow flag. But no matter what color, we are fighters. We are warriors. The goal of this game is to enjoy the humor that my gay family brings me. Now go out there, and kick some ass."

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