New Toejam and Earl Hits Funding Target

Campaign cruises past $400,000 target; First stretch goal unlocked.

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With under two days to go, the Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a new Toejam and Earl game, appropriately titled Back in the Groove, has reached its $400,000 target. At press time, funding stands at $430,832. More than 7,600 people have contributed to the campaign so far. Funding closes March 27.

"Thanks to all of you, we have made it," developer Humanature Studios said in a statement. "Prepare for the FUNK!!!!"

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The game's $425,000 stretch goal--an "old school skins" pack based on the early games--has now been unlocked. Should funding reach $450,000, Humanture will add the Hyperfunk Zone from Toejam and Earl 2.

Meanwhile, the game will come to consoles if even more money pours in: $600,000 (PlayStation 4), $700,000 (Xbox One), and $800,000 (Wii U). Currently, the game is confirmed for PC only.

In addition, Humanature teased that it has a "few more announcements" to make regarding Back in the Groove, though these are being saved for later.

Back in the Groove, built in the Unity engine, is being worked on by original designer Greg Johnson. The game is scheduled to launch in November 2015, though of course this could change. For lots more on the game, see the bullet-points below or check out GameSpot's in-depth previous coverage.

  • A "Travel-back-in-time" theme that will span new characters and old ones.
  • More meta-game features, including the chance to collect hats with special abilities.
  • New "flying-presents" items.
  • New co-op features including the ability to shout and lure Earthlings away from a friend and the option to open a present that gives your buddy more life.
  • A night-time filter.
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