New Titanfall Strategy Game Further Detailed, Releases This Year

Burn Cards are back.


There's a new Titanfall game on the horizon, but it's not what you'd expect. Titanfall: Assault, a strategy game for mobile devices, was first announced back in May, but at that point the studio didn't share much about it. Today developer Particle City revealed new details and shared that it's coming later this year.

Particle City describes it as a "head-to-head action strategy game," which essentially means that it's an RTS centered around competitive multiplayer. You take control of a squad of Pilots and Titans, bolstered by temporary perks from Burn Cards and AI-controlled Grunts, and take on other players.

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The developer is trying to make it feel like a Titanfall game, so it'll have a lot of elements from the main series. For example, its first mode is essentially Hardpoint--a territory control mode where you compete to capture and hold areas called Hardpoints. The first player to reach 100 points by holding Hardpoints or to destroy the other player's base wins.

Just like in the main series, the maps will feature different ways to interact with the environment. There'll be ziplines for Pilots and destructible areas that open new paths for Titans.

In addition, there are several different classes of Pilots to choose from. The Sim Ninja, for instance, is equipped with a sword; the Boomer has an Archer rocket launcher; and the Grunt Captain summons Shield Grunts when he captures Hardpoints. Titan classes from the main Titanfall games will also be featured in the game.

You can read more over at the blog post on Respawn's website. There's no exact release date yet, but the developer stated that it'll come to iPhone, iPad, and Android devices sometime this year.

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