New Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Trailer Shows Intense Mech Battles, New Pilot Abilities

New Titanfall 2 multiplayer gameplay debuts at EA's E3 event.

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Now Playing: Titanfall 2 - Official Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

Titanfall 2's multiplayer mode was shown during EA's pre-E3 presentation and featured a number of new features being introduced for Respawn's sequel.

The video begins with six pilots leaping out of an aircraft, as their Titan's rocketed down to the ground. Immediately we're shown that Titans are now more versatile than in the first game; one Titan can be seen doing a ground-pound, while another is later shown using a special beam cannon against an opposing mech.

Other core gameplay pillars are returning, such as wallrunning for traversal and aim-down-sights style first person shooting. However, pilots also have a number of new abilities, such as a teleport and gravity grenade that will suck enemies in for picking off.

Additionally, a new grappling hook was shown being used to move around the environment. It can also be used to pull pilots out of the air for an up-close kick. Check out the video above.

There will be a multiplayer beta for Titanfall 2 held sometime before launch. Find out more about the Titanfall 2 beta here.

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