New Tiga CEO caps awards ceremony

Industry body has a leader of the pack, with Richard Wilson taking over the reins as CEO.


Richard Wilson is set to take over the leadership of developer body The Independent Game Developers' Association. The announcement was made by Tiga as part of its annual awards ceremony at the Haymarket Hotel in London last night.

Tiga's new CEO shows off his pearly whites.
Tiga's new CEO shows off his pearly whites.

In a statement, Wilson said he was "looking forward to campaigning vigorously on behalf of Tiga members, further enhancing Tiga's effectiveness, and raising the profile of the UK games development sector."

Outgoing CEO Fred Hasson may have passed the reins, but he went out on a high note, being garnished with an award as Best Player by Tiga for the "greatest individual contribution to independent games development during 2007."

Tiga's event wasn't just about executive schmoozing. The industry body also doled out a spate of awards honoring members of its organization. The full list of winners for 2007, selected from a list of 22 nominations, can be found below.

Best PC/Console Game:
Codemasters - Colin McRae: DiRT (PC, X360, PS3)

Best Handheld/Console Game:
Doublesix Studio, Kuju Entertainment - Geometry Wars: Galaxies (DS)

Best Mobile Game:
Finbalde - Tomb Raider Anniversary

Best Technology 2007:
Codemasters - The EGO Engine (next-gen games engine)

Best Cross Media Application of Games:
Audiomotion (motion-capture studio)

Best Developer:

Best Player:
Fred Hasson, outgoing CEO, Tiga

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