New Throne of Darkness Screens

Sierra releases a group of new screenshots from its upcoming samurai role-playing game.


Throne of Darkness

Sierra Studios has released five new screenshots from its upcoming action-RPG Throne of Darkness. The game takes place in feudal Japan, and it is being developed by Click Entertainment, a studio founded by two ex-Blizzard employees who worked on the original Diablo. In the game, the player assumes control of a party of samurai who all have unique abilities, and the player then leads the party in an epic quest against the forces of evil. Through the course of the game's many levels and environments, the samurai will encounter demons, undead warriors, armored turtles, mystic priestesses, ghostly samurai, and a wide variety of other challenging opponents. For more information about Throne of Darkness, read our in-depth preview of the game.

Throne of Darkness is scheduled for release in early 2001.

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