New The Office Extra Features A Cast Tour Of The Show's Iconic Set

Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson take care of business.


The Office's official YouTube page has uploaded one of the many, many new Peacock-exclusive extras the platform is offering to celebrate the series coming back home after its lengthy stay on Netflix. The video is a nearly seven-minute Office set tour with Steve Carell and Rainn Wilson, who charmingly and somewhat dissonantly drift in and out of character, likely almost exclusively (based on their haircuts) pretty early in the show's run. Check out the full video below.

Highlights include Carell snacking on the famous jelly beans at reception--and then instantly regretting having done so as "they've been there since we shot the pilot 14 months ago," Wilson both as himself and Dwight Schrute begging Carell for a part in his next movie, and Carell trying the candy up front again and again. As Office fans know, Wilson later got his wish when Dwight had a starring role in Michael Scott's Threat Level Midnight--which during the Netflix era was also uploaded to YouTube as a full movie.

While these new nuggets are totally cool and worth watching, they are all part of a bigger effort to check out the show on its new home at Peacock. For newcomers and devoted fans, one of the big appeals about The Office on Peacock is that it's coming with bonus materials--most notably, "superfan" cuts of episodes that stitch both new footage and deleted scenes back into their corresponding stories. As of this writing, the "superfan" cuts are available for the series starting with Season 3.

Meanwhile, Peacock has this week rolled out Office-specific pricing for the platform.

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