New The House of the Dead game in development

While work continues on The House of the Dead 3 for the Xbox, a new game based on the upcoming film is in development.


According to a recent article in the Hollywood Reporter, Sega is developing a new The House of the Dead game based on the upcoming feature film, which is being produced by Mindfire Entertainment. The game is separate from the upcoming sequel for the Microsoft Xbox, titled tentatively The House of the Dead 3. This new game, which has been assigned to Sega's in-house development team Wow Entertainment, is based closely on the film and is being developed in close cooperation with the filmmakers. In fact, Wow Entertainment plans to fly out to the island set of the upcoming The House of the Dead film in order to take photographs to aid in the game's development. Additionally, the voices and likenesses of the film's actors may be used in the game.

No specific console platform was revealed for the movie-based The House of the Dead game, but it should be released alongside the film, which is currently set for release in late 2002 or early 2003. It will be a light-gun game, very much like the previous games in the series. Although based on the video game series, The House of the Dead film shares very little in terms of story elements with the games. The film takes place on an island off the coast of Florida, which becomes overrun by zombies, monsters, and other ornery creatures. A group of college coeds and a Coast Guard officer arrive on the island to attend a rave, and then chaos breaks out.

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