New Terminator Movie's Working Title Revealed

Dark Fate.

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While no official title for the new Terminator movie directed by Deadpool's Tim Miller has been announced, producer James Cameron has now revealed the working title for it. It's being made with the tentative title "Terminator: Dark Fate," Cameron told Yahoo!

"That's our working title right now," he explained.

Cameron is a producer on Dark Fate, or whatever it ends up being called. The movie reportedly scrubs sequels Rise of the Machines, Salvation, and Genisys from the timeline, in essence resetting the story to 1991's Judgment Day. Linda Hamilton returns to play a new version of Sarah Connor in the new film, though specifics about the story are under wraps for now.

Cameron said on Jimmy Fallon's late night TV show that Connor will "kick some serious ass" in the film. Dark Fate, or whatever it ends up being called, comes to theatres November 2019.

Cameron's latest movie, Alita: Battle Angel, which he produced, hits theatres on February 14. He's also working on all of the Avatar sequels, the first of which arrives in 2020.

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Avatar image for tsunami2311

that right it reverted back to cameron, I look forward to another terminator movie, I would love to see HIS vison of what humans vs skynet war is like, but i dont think that will happen is sarah connor is alive

I did like Salvation (atlest it had no time manipulation), and Genisys though it played havoc with the timeline, then again the original terminator fucked the timeline over when certain someone became connor father change connor in first place.

Ever since the revival of Doctor Who ( show need to go back on hiatius and after last season I done with it too), time manipulation has been the in thing to do, which i find rather annoying cause there no just dabbling with there double and tripling down on that manipulation.

All i want is cameron visons of years up to the time they smashed skynet then he can back to alternate timeline/reality where they went back to stop it from happen which obliviously never happens in the alt timeline realty/

Personal I dont think it possible to go back in time and and CHANGE your present, I think what just happens it time and reality splits in to a new version, there by not changing what you wanted you present stay the same.

Avatar image for RaveNRolla

well at least it's series of movies where it actually makes sense within the story to scrap some of what happened. got to use what you have.

Avatar image for pongman1975

Is Arnold in it?

Avatar image for tsunami2311


if he is he will CG

Avatar image for phili878

Terminator 1 and 2 were good. The rest is garbage. Salvation was a good action movie but not really Terminator (I mean, 2 or 3 T800s guarding their whole production plant, lol).

Avatar image for tsunami2311


that we saw actual attacking people there were whole lot more, but apparnt were not aware of there presencse which was hard to fathom. but you right it was a good action movie and probably closet I will ever get to seeing that whole humans vs skynet war

1 and 2 were good one 3 was ok, Genisys was ok so long as you didnt try and make any of make sense, but now it back in the hands of the creator

Avatar image for Barighm

Cameron is the one guy I trust to salvage the franchise. If he can't do it...

Avatar image for DARREN636

@Barighm: not looking good so far

check out MR H on YouTube

Avatar image for Archangel2222

@Barighm: not true. Thats like saying 1 player can win a championship for a team and if they cant then that team is doomed for eternity never to win it. It just takes a good script team, producer and director to work together to make a good movie. Its not like Cameron is the only one who can do Terminator movies. Problem is they get people with no passion or a hacks who rather make $$$$ and tone it down for a PG rating movie like the last bunch were. If hollywood can find a good team that know what they doing Im sure Terminator can earn its way back to people wanting a few more makes of it

Avatar image for Terminator95

Stop the madness!

Avatar image for Archangel2222

Its too late now but the least I can hope for is if they make another terminator movie after Dark Fate that Cameron or who ever is taking over the helm make the movie in the future only. Enough changing the past just do a warm movie against the machines and show the end battle to win it all pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee thats all the fans want

Avatar image for gamingdevil800

@Archangel2222: They tried that already it's called Salvation which I thought was a pretty decent movie tbh better than Genysis and probably this new one too. Terminator just doesn't have the box office power these days...

Avatar image for Archangel2222

@gamingdevil800: Im aware of Salvation and I too enjoyed it alot actually. Got the game and read the novels and the comics which showed the true conclusion to the original planned trilogy. Its highly underrated if you read the comic novels especially as it tells a better plot and is more violent than anything the movie was. I liked the idea to show different eras of the future war, the recent was good but I want to show the peak mid war era and the final 2028-2032 era conclussion to end the war

Avatar image for cylor

@gamingdevil800: The reason it doesn't have the box office power anymore is because everything since T2 has sucked, to a greater or lesser degree.