New Tekken Art Book Is A Must-Have For Hardcore Fans

Not enough space dedicated to Gon.

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Tekken is one of the longest-running fighting series in video gaming. Bandai Namco first kicked things off with the original Tekken in 1994, and the series continues to this day. That's surprising considering it came out during a time when fighting games were flooding the market. Coming soon, Dynamite Entertainment is releasing a book that celebrates the long-running series called The Art Of Tekken: The Complete Visual History.

The over-sized 250+ page book goes into great detail about the beginnings of Tekken, up until present day, giving the history of the gaming series. Additionally, The Art of Tekken delves into individual characters, covering every major character, even some of the weird ones, like Roger/Roger Jr., the kangaroo fighter.

Many of these characters get multiple pages, showing off concept art, how they've evolved over the years, flavor text about the character's in-game history, and images of their most notable moves. Check out the King/King II section below. It's pretty cool to see the models of the character throughout each game in the series.

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The copy Dynamite Entertainment sent us was the deluxe edition. It comes with a hardcover slipcase, and four exclusive prints of Tekken characters. This deluxe edition will cost $100, but if you don't need all the bells and whistles, the regular hardcover version of this book will be $40. It will be available on July 30, and you can pre-order either of the versions on Barnes & Noble.

While the book does go into great detail about everything in the world of Tekken, it does have one mildly-problematic area, and that's the order these characters are presented. Instead of alphabetical order, the characters are categorized into these groups: Mishima Clan, Japanese Fighters, American Fighters, World Fighters, Experiments, Assassins, and Crossover Fighters--which is where Gon and Akuma are located, in case you were wondering.

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Because of the way this is laid out, it can be a little tough to find the character you're looking for, unless you have an extensive knowledge of the fictional Tekken universe. Additionally, not every character has three full pages dedicated to them. Most times, they get one full page, but that aspect is fine because who needs multiple pages on Dr. Boskonovitch, aside from myself?

If you can't wait until July 30 for this book to come out, check with your local comic book shop, as some stores will have copies for sale on July 17.

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Avatar image for amon

I would love to get this but being a “hardcore fan”, I want to see all the characters not the “majority” apparently, I don’t know why they left out a characters like Leo(one of my mains), but it really disappointed me that not all characters were in there if there going to have a section for that, like you said they evens gave dr Boskonovitch at least one page

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

All this says to me is that Tekken is flagging in sales and Bandai Namco are trying to earn a little more or maybe even gauge the desirability of its franchise in order to consider whether making another game any time soon is worthwhile.

I used to thoroughly enjoy a good beat em up but since the sale of season passes I don't even consider them anymore. Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat etc, all dead to me.

Avatar image for sleepyjustin

@gotrekfabian: Your personal opinion aside. You clearly don't know anything about the state of Tekken right now because Tekken 7 is literally doing the best the series ever has. Tekken 7 sold more than any other Tekken other than Tekken 3 and registration numbers in tournaments are the highest they've ever been and they've only kept growing in the last two years. The Tekken World Tour has the biggest prize pot Tekken has EVER had this year, TWT is even showing up on ESPN these days, it's like the fastest growing fighting game Esport out there right now. Just cause you don't like DLC or whatever don't assume the franchise isn't doing well cause it's in the best place it's ever been. The Fighting Game Scene has grown huge the last couple years and we're only getting bigger.

Avatar image for gotrekfabian

@sleepyjustin: So being the best equates to sales does it? Total number of Tekken sales - 47 million, number of Tekken 7 sales - 3million. Do the maths.

Pull your head out and smell the fresh air once in a while.

Avatar image for izraal

I'm a huge fan of the Tekken franchise and I actually enjoy its bizarre convoluted lore (as all fighting games have). Despite owning several I've received as gifts, I don't personally see the appeal of these large art books, aside from being testaments to a fandom and taking up shelf space. That said, as I am a known Tekken fan, I'll probably end up receiving this as a well meaning gift at some point, and have another large sized art book taking up shelf space and testifying to my fandom.