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New Tales From The Borderlands Is Coming October 21

The new game is not a direct sequel to the previous Tales from the Borderlands.


Gearbox Software has announced that New Tales from the Borderlands, a spiritual successor to Telltale Games' Tales from the Borderlands, is coming on October 21. The new game won't be a direct follow-up to the original game; instead, New Tales from the Borderlands will follow a new cast of characters.

"[New Tales from the Borderlands] takes place on Promethea, which Borderlands 3 fans will recognize," Gearbox Software director of production James Lopez told GameSpot. "It takes place about a year after the Maliwan and Children of the Vault invasion and their subsequent war with Atlas--a reconstruction phase."

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In New Tales from the Borderlands, you control altruistic scientist Anu, her ambitious and streetwise little brother Octavio, and the fierce, violence-first-questions-later Fran. The trio of misfits finds themselves working together in an increasingly dangerous situation as they try to secure a Vault Key to access the untold riches and power potentially hidden away in an unopened Vault.

"Even though we're using a familiar background for [New Tales from the Borderlands], it's a contained story, meaning that whether it's returning fans or hopefully new fans, it should be pretty easy for people to be onboarded to digest this entirely new cast, new story," Lopez said. "Most of the characters are going to be new. We do have a few callbacks, a couple of cameos that kind of come up from previous games, including characters from the previous Tales, but, by and large, entirely new cast this time around."

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Like its predecessor, New Tales from the Borderlands is a choice-driven narrative, allowing you to shape how the story plays out and how characters develop through dialogue options and quicktime events. Each of the protagonists wants that Vault Key for very different reasons--Anu wants the universe to be defined by more than just weapon manufacturers, while Octavio desires riches and fame and Fran is in it for revenge--so depending on your choices, you can change who ultimately ends up getting what they want.

New Tales from the Borderlands will launch for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, Switch, and PC. There will be both Standard and Deluxe Editions of the game, the latter of which comes with a copy of the original Tales from the Borderlands.

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