New Switch Game Isn't Super Monkey Ball, But Might Just Scratch That Itch

How fast can you roll?


It's been four years since we've seen Super Monkey Ball. And though the franchise may be dormant for the moment, Bad Habit Productions is here to scratch that Super Monkey Ball itch with Marble It Up, a psychedelic puzzle platformer that's headed to the Nintendo Switch in September.

A spiritual successor to the Marble Blast and Marble Madness series, Marble It Up is billed as a puzzle platformer that "harnesses the subtle thrill of racing the clock and embraces the pure joy of rolling." You'll jump, bounce, boost, and roll across 40 levels where power-ups can be used to get you to the finish line as quickly as possible. In addition to power-ups, Marble It Up will feature secret collectibles, unlockable marbles, and more.

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Marble It Up also includes a replay system where you can watch and race against your ghost and the online leaderboards' top players. And if you're worried about stability while getting your roll on, Bad Habit has confirmed this psychedelic platformer will run at 60 frames-per-second both docked and undocked. According to executive producer Mark Frohnmayer, "The core goal of Marble It Up is to bring gamers into a state of flow."

The game is a collaboration between several studios: Alvios, Inc., Bad Habit Productions, Arcturus Interactive, Shapes and Lines, and The Engine Company. Some members of this super production group have worked on previous Marble Blast games, such as Marble Blast Gold and Marble Blast Ultra.

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