New Supreme Commander forged

Gas Powered Games working on Forged Alliance, a stand-alone follow-up to its PC real-time strategy game.


Supreme Commander
Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance

If Gas Powered Games' PC real-time strategy game Supreme Commander had a theme, it was simply "big." Described in the GameSpot review as "real-time strategy supersized," Supreme Commander focused on creating a sense of scale, where huge armies wage battle on giant maps and the action demands hulking computer specs to run properly.

Apparently the original game wasn't big enough for Gas Powered Games' liking, as the developer is going back for seconds. THQ today announced that the studio and designer Chris Taylor are returning to the franchise for a stand-alone follow-up titled Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance.

Forged Alliance will continue the story of the original game with a new single-player campaign. As for the gameplay, THQ is promising a new faction, more than 100 new units, more maps, and new multiplayer features. Forged Alliance is slated for worldwide release this November.

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