New super-slim PS3 model on the way?

FCC documents indicate Sony preparing new console rumored to be smaller than current slim model; may be announced at Gamescom next month.


A new PlayStation 3 model appears to be waiting in the wings. According to a Federal Communications Commission filing (spotted by Japanese website Pocket News), Sony is preparing a new 4000-series PS3 model, an update over the current 3000 line.

The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.
The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.

The filing does not mention dimensions, but Eurogamer "has heard" that Sony is preparing to announce a slimmer PS3 model at Gamescom 2012 next month. If Sony does announce a new PS3 model at the German industry event, it will not be the first time the company has done so.

At Gamescom 2009, Sony announced the PS3 Slim, a system refresh that is 32 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and uses 34 percent less power than the 2006 launch model.

A Sony representative told GameSpot, "We do not comment on rumor or speculation."

During the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo last month, Eurogamer quizzed Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida about the possibility of an even slimmer PS3 model, to which the executive teased, "We should never say never--hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller."

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the rumours and speculations were true.

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I want it to be cheaper and YLOD proof. if those two things happen then i will sell my old ps3

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Oh...I wish it has PS2 BC.

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By removing the power supply alone and making it external, like the PS2 Slim, it should shrink drastically, that thing take about 1/4 to 1/3 of the overall system dimension. So I believe that is what they most likely will do.

But I really wish they would add BC :( but we all know that's not gonna happen.

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Sony should also focus on announcing new Playstation Vita games since they lacked on announcing them at E3 2012.

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That would be cool, if my 08 Phatt ever fails

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SONY add BC with it, and it Will sell well. At least make 2 options. 1 an inexpensive Super Slim version for $199.00 Sales will skyrocket. and a 249.00 model with BC (PS2 and psx).

I still have my PS2 and the games would not mind picking up another PS3 as the wife seems to be on it with a few games or Netflex for herself or the kid.

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I reckon all they'll do is shrink the case and components, optimise the board layout and make it more energy efficient. They'll probably dump the optical audio port and remove the ability to change the hard drive yourself. They won't reduce the hard drive capacity, as I doubt any HDD manufacturers would still be making any much smaller than 160gb any more, and such items would have to be on a special order. Unless they use a solid state drive to make it even faster, quieter, energy efficient and smaller. Now that I would like to see! I really think it would quite a radical departure and possibly be a bold and bad business move to dump the Blu-Ray and make this third iteration of their third generation console digital-download only, but it would be really interesting to see, as they could probably make it as small and quiet as a PS2 Slim, and reduce the price considerably. It would also test the water for future developments in that regard. Personally I'm against it, but I'm certain that optical media will eventually die.

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230 dollars Australian

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Cheaper i guess made in vietnam

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Anyone think it'll cost any less?


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I just hope it's not black!

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The PS4 is coming out, and people still want PS2 BC on the PS3? That's pretty funny!

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why would they bother if a "PS4" is only 18 months away??

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@SadPSPAddict Hardware redesigns always bolster sales specially if this makes the hardware smaller and more manageable.

The PS2 Slim still sells to this date, doing the same with the PS3 at the end of its life cycle only makes good business sense.

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Smaller - cheaper... says it all really.

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I like the fact the newer PS3's use alot less wattage. It will be interesting to see the new wattage for these 'super slims.' Got to think about the electricity bills :)

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No doubt redesigned to make it cheaper and easier to make... same price of course...

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I still have the chunk, so maybe I could switch over to it. But only if it doesn't hurt the wallet.

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By all means Sony... give us the good news.

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I like my slim now. It has been said already but if they don't add anything significant I won't buy it, no real reason to.

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Well that's always good! Just don't kill features and I am sold! When PS2 went slim, it went in my car for road trips and my PS3 (with back compat.) was the home machine :D

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Kinda like the same thing they did with the PS2. They are pushing for longevity for their PS3s. Although it may not have many new features (probably none at all), at least it will be cheaper, smaller, lighter, and thinner for those who decide to be the late PS3 owners. :)

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@massconquer exactly also it make since for them to cut back the manufacturing costs anyway they can, I imagine the new models'll be cheaper to make. Though I can't picture an even slimmer'll damn near look like the ps2 slim which was even slimmer than the ps1 slim lol

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@Venatorcruiser @primeheart1 for like $10

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I mean, that's totally what's been holding me back from buying a PS3 to this point... just too damn bulky :-I (yes, I'm being saracstic)

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too many changes in form factor reeks of desperation or at the least there are elements of flogging to death to ring the last amounts of life out of an already aging platform, don't you think? give it up sony, move onto the next gen already I say.

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Really...with the PS4 and next xbox right on the corner, an year an a half only, why lauch another console "version"? I know PS3 still have a good 3~4 years of life after the PS4's launched, but still...either it'll be $200 or less, or little people will buy it, except for collectors and people who doesn't know what to do with their money.

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@mat989 sony relesed the PSP GO and the PS2 Slim right when people thought the next gen was a year away. then it turned out to being 3-4 years away....

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@thunderboltx7 well ps2 slim is still a god but plz dont talk bout the psp go in the same line that was a disgrace

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I still have my fat PS3 with a 720gig hd going strong. If they add backward support again, I will buy.

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@COPMAN221ISBACK I would love the backward support....Bought my PS3 slim to years ago and love it (cause it's quieter and smaller) but miss playing FFX, FFXII, Ratchet series, Jak series, racing games and such....

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Hopefully backward support will be added back in.

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People get older and fatter. Consoles get older and slimmer. ;-)

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Just bought a Slim last november, hopefully i wont need another one again

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Still have my launch 20GB fat PS3. Just upgraded HDD to 360GB last week. Still running strong.

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@brgreen Good lad :)

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@warhawk-geeby @brgreen Also still have my launch Fat PS2, NES, Genesis, SNES, PSX, N64, and all the games. Never got ride of any of my stuff.

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Aren't they doing what Nintendo does? Milking the franchise for more than it's worth? That's what ya'll keep sayin'.

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I hope it's true, I'm gonna need one soon, so many good games coming!

My 250gb Slim died

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@OrianaDorta How did it die... My kid does all kinds of things to my PS3 and it is still going (knock on wood)

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So I wonder what features are being hacked out of this version, since slimming the console down almost always comes at the expense of system features with Sony.

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@Valen_Ca i'm assuming hard drive capacity. It's got to have wifi, bluetooth, bluray, and hdmi. I wouldn't be surprised if they axe optical out (the fiber optics one with the weird shape) and possibly redesign the disc in/out.

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@thunderboltx7 Actually, HDD capacity doesnt affect the physical dimension

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That's a Good thing it would mean it preformance faster, bailey overheats & uses less power... I've still got my 80GB PS3 since it came out but it's lifespan may be over soon. Sony creates best Consoles than Microsoft, & I'm pretty sure in the future Consoles will be revolutionised by Sony...

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if its true and sony will be coming out with a super slim ps3 . I could see it having know bluray so stuck buying games Digital only