New super-slim PS3 model on the way?

FCC documents indicate Sony preparing new console rumored to be smaller than current slim model; may be announced at Gamescom next month.


A new PlayStation 3 model appears to be waiting in the wings. According to a Federal Communications Commission filing (spotted by Japanese website Pocket News), Sony is preparing a new 4000-series PS3 model, an update over the current 3000 line.

The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.
The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.

The filing does not mention dimensions, but Eurogamer "has heard" that Sony is preparing to announce a slimmer PS3 model at Gamescom 2012 next month. If Sony does announce a new PS3 model at the German industry event, it will not be the first time the company has done so.

At Gamescom 2009, Sony announced the PS3 Slim, a system refresh that is 32 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and uses 34 percent less power than the 2006 launch model.

A Sony representative told GameSpot, "We do not comment on rumor or speculation."

During the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo last month, Eurogamer quizzed Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida about the possibility of an even slimmer PS3 model, to which the executive teased, "We should never say never--hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller."

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Why would I buy it when the PS4 is coming soon or atleast rumored to be ? The price would have to be somewhere around $200 for most people to be interested I would think.

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@tommynj People who don't already own a PS3 aren't likely to be buying a PS4 anytime soon.

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One thing SONY can do with the supposed " NEW SLIM PS3". Release the thing at a $200 or maybe less price range, bundle a game with it ( most possibly a MP focused one to encourage new users to create PSN accounts). This way they can drive up the sales of the PS3.

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o.g. 80gb ps3 pwns

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dear sony

allow me to exchange my fatty with the super slim one and no charge plz. why?

well, what do you like more a fat heidi klum or a slim heidi klum.

sincerley your customers

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Stupid thing to do in my opinion why spend money on new designs when a lot of people who are already going to buy a PS3 like myself already have one. I bought the slim and i think what sony needs to focus on is software/new games. If not then they need to focus on the design of the PS4.

The PS3 slm is already a good enough design no need to go apple and nintend making a bunch of designs for the exact same console.

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i will definitely buy the new ps3 slim now. this is my chance to finally play ALL THE GAMES THAT I HAVE NOT PLAYED BUT WISHED TO PLAY ON THE PS3!!

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@TheTHCGamer It could simply be a way to save even more $$ on the build of the PS3 cut down on materials cut down the cost. Not to mention a lot of ppl still dont have a PS3 they could feasibly lower the sell price and gain more sales with out taking a profit hit...

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@TheTHCGamer I think they are making a new slim to save money with new smaller cheaper parts and lower the price for the consumer why wouldn't you want to save money if its possible and save money for your company?

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Maybe sony is serious about the 10 year life cycle if there willing to put the time and money into a new model...

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I wouldn't be surprised, the Slim PS3 is still kinda big in terms of length and width.

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It would be awsome if they made it like the PS2 Slim that thing was pretty damn tiny

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People will complain about anything based on what I've seen in these comments. If you don't want a slim PS3, don't buy it. If you already have a PS3, Sony probably doesn't expect you to buy it.

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what a waste of time and effort, there are enough ps3 models on the market as it is.....

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@Killer6b9 If it is as cheap or cheaper to produce than the current model, it makes a lot of sense.

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Man what are they feeding these poor consoles? Oatmeal & beef Jerky?

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Currently have an 80GB with semi backwards compatibility. I'll keep holding onto it till it dies. But I'll probably get this thing when it's worth like a 100 bucks... just in case. Very much doubt PS4 will be backwards compatible with PS3 games, and if my current PS3 decides to kick the bucket somewhere like 5 years from now, it will be nice to have a back up.

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@Animatronic64 it would be a huge mistake for having PS4 not be backward compatible with at least PS3 at least at launch. especially since they will still be using Bluray and they wouldn't really need to change all that much in order for it to work. especially since this upcoming jump will not be as drastic as it was from PS2 to PS3. this next gen will be more of a refinement on this one.

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Backwards compatibility and better ventilation. I will buy it.

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If that happens it will be a dream come true, but I doubt it.

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I still have my original 60GB huge PS3 and I love it. Won't be changing it for the world.

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I just went to and a story said it will be called the Sony PS3 SKU...seriously? i like my names for it better

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If i ever need another PS3 i would love a model that uses less power and hopefully outputs less heat. I have the original 60gb and during the winter i can actually use it to heat my room up slightly, which in the summer is not so great a feature to have.

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yet another smaller version of the PS3?....hmm what will it be called? the PS3 Slim 2? the PS3 MicroSlim? What about the PS3 Slim Avarus ,which is Latin for greedy, as in Sony is greedy and wants to sell another version of a console that already had a slim version come out in late 2009... the PS3 Slim Iyashii also works as it's Japanese for greedy as well.

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@thekazumalord crack much? its not being made to sell to ppl who already own a ps3 =)

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@Cozm1kaos Crack? no thanks i'm not a drug user. Plenty of People i know who had the fat PS3 traded up for a PS3 Slim... so it only stands to reason that plenty of people would trade the PS3 Slim for the smaller upcoming version.

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@thekazumalord Insults and mass amounts of spelling errors.

Continue crying.

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@Memories0fBlood bite me. im not crying and i could care less about your stupid opinions. Bottom line is need a PS3 get the current PS3 Slim. i don't arguing with someone who's either a child or a has the metal capacity of one.

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@thekazumalord Some peoples kids. I don't need an argument becasuse you're just complaining about something that doesn't even exist yet.

Continue crying.

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@Memories0fBlood @Cozm1kaos That's your argument?. ha! why don't they just lower the price of the current PS3 slim or better yet, waited to release the Ps3 slim until it was as small as the up coming one. If yuo ran your PS3 into the ground then..i don't know. buy a PS3 slim, duh! you can get the 320 GB version of the slim at amazon and ( if you would actually shop there..)Gamestop for like $300 dollars

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@thekazumalord @Cozm1kaos Your point being? Newer, lighter, cheaper yeah how terrible ...*rolls eyes*

Especially for us people who wouldn't mind buying a new system becasuse we ran our PS3 into the ground. A company giving its customers choice, how Avarus.

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@thekazumalord The current "PS3 Slim" isn't even called "PS3 Slim" by Sony. It's a name that the industry has stamped on the product to differentiate between the 1st and 2nd gen models.

There's the PS3 and the PS3 and that's it. Technically, Sony could just call it the "PS3 Slim" and they wouldn't be wrong for doing so. It just might cause a lot of confusion.

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@Hvac0120 everyone calls it the PS3 Slim, calling the new smaller console the PS3 Slim would cause the same problems as the upcoming Nintendo WiiU 's name is ..

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Wasn't the slim one slim enough?

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Are you serious?!?!? I love the original PS3 and PS2. Every stinkin' time they do a thin-line version of their systems they screw it up. They get hot easier and quicker because there is no real cooling system integrated, and even less memory. I'd suggest anyone actually thinking of wasting money on this thing save your money (sock it away until then) and wait until the next gen comes out.

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Different from Xbox that stop the production of the old gen as soon the new one comes out. PS keep selling the old gen even after the new one comes out. A cheaper model makes sense.

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This move by Sony is crazy. Why waste all that money on unnecessary design and development on a console which already exists just to make a few efficient changes. The amount of time spent and money used could have gone to the PS4 development or a new PS3 game concept.

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@nickyparmar92 ......Sony still made PS2 slims and PS2 games even AFTER the PS3 came out and they still made a very decent profit from different countries that finally loosened up on video games.

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I completely agree and that's why I suggest people considering wasting their money on this basterized version of the PS3 save their money and wait for the PS4.

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@Drakonus777 Yeah the smart thing would be to save up for the PS4. Can't imagine the price of that thing.

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@nickyparmar92 Not really, If the new console is cheaper to produce then they can sell it at a lower cost. They plan on selling the PS3 much like the PS2, which lasted for a relatively long time after the release of the PS3. Unlike microsoft which just ended production of the xbox for the 360, Sony kept selling and promoting PS2's for another 3 years or so. So for another 4 or 5 years they can milk this new PS3 model at a lower cost, lower price range, and higher profit margin. It makes perfect sense for them to do it.

Basically they are hoping for another PS2 run.

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@RPG_Fan_I_Am I can see your point

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@nickyparmar92 It might be cheaper to make this new concels

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@820west @nickyparmar92 but the thing is thers no point like nicky said if the ps3 is fine as it is and supposedly nearing the end of the current generation cycle :P

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Make it less uglier Sony. The my current slim-PS3 is so ugly.

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I have my same old 4 year old fat PS3 model (MGS4 edition) that came with a 60GB HD. I've spent $150 to upgrade it over the years with first a 250GB 7200RPM HD and now a 750GB 7200RPM HD. It works great for me and hasn't had any hiccups, unlike the 360 which I've had to have replace 5 times... and that was MS replacing it, not me. If I'm gonna buy a new console, it's going to be of the next generation; and this time I'll wait a year or two just so they get all the bugs ironed out.

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@BigFeef I got the MGS4 edition too and mines 80 gigs. and mine works perfectly fine too :)

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@RPG_Fan_I_Am @BigFeef Yeah I got the 80GB version to, and you know what?? Skyrim runs on it fine...LOL!!!

Avatar image for RPG_Fan_I_Am

@Drakonus777 @BigFeef I'll admit, after I fast travel to like 30 places and play skyrim for like 10-15 hours straight, my ram fills up and the system crashes.... I mean I can't complain, autosave and restart and it works fine again.

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Each time they come up with a new PS, it has less features.

I wonder what's going to be missing this time.