New super-slim PS3 model on the way?

FCC documents indicate Sony preparing new console rumored to be smaller than current slim model; may be announced at Gamescom next month.


A new PlayStation 3 model appears to be waiting in the wings. According to a Federal Communications Commission filing (spotted by Japanese website Pocket News), Sony is preparing a new 4000-series PS3 model, an update over the current 3000 line.

The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.
The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.

The filing does not mention dimensions, but Eurogamer "has heard" that Sony is preparing to announce a slimmer PS3 model at Gamescom 2012 next month. If Sony does announce a new PS3 model at the German industry event, it will not be the first time the company has done so.

At Gamescom 2009, Sony announced the PS3 Slim, a system refresh that is 32 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and uses 34 percent less power than the 2006 launch model.

A Sony representative told GameSpot, "We do not comment on rumor or speculation."

During the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo last month, Eurogamer quizzed Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida about the possibility of an even slimmer PS3 model, to which the executive teased, "We should never say never--hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller."

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Put a laptop screen on it and I'm in.

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I wonder if this new model, if released, will stand only on Europe just like happened with PSP E-1000.

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thats a bad business move. why would they make another version of the ps3 when next gen is around the corner...

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@mkb11109 Because it's likely more profitable to use lower powered chips, less physical components, and fewer packaging materials. They pretty much did the same thing with all of their Playstations in order to keep the money rolling while they prepped the next gen.

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@mkb11109 Because if they can make a version of the console with the same power/featureset more efficiently/cheaper during manufacturing, then they can reduce the price to consumers, prolonging the lifespan of their sales. Reduced size is just a byproduct.

A LOT of people were still buying the PS2 after the PS3/360 came out. Why? Because it was cheap and had a huge backlog of quality titles. In a few years, when the new systems are announced, the PS3 will still have a good chance of selling if the price point is as low as the PS2 was. Imagine in a year or two if people can get a PS3 for $150. A little more than a stand-alone Blu-Ray player, with a backlog of great games and various other media options.

Conversely, look back to how the sales of the XBox died as soon as the 360 was announced. That's a year's worth of income lost because people are waiting for the next big thing. If it's true, it's a smart move for the company. And that's pretty rare for Sony nowadays.

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@SlowMotionKarma I had 3 fat ps3s die on me than i got a slim its about a year or so old and its flawless. they should just keep the current ps3 and have a price drop on it. i dont see why they would make another version. it would save them time and money, unless the new one is cheaper to manufacture. that is the only reason i can see sony going through with it.

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@mkb11109 Next gen isn't "around the corner" unless around the corner is at least 2 years

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@syf82277 I hope not... i predict Microsoft will announce "next box" in 2013 followed by Sony in 2014. or they may both announce next year. whatever they decide im ready for next gen.

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@mkb11109 The smaller model would naturally cost less. May as well make the consoles as cheap as possible for the twilight years.

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@mkb11109 They are trying to extract more money from we gamers, mainly from the collectors. Sorry Sony, but I had to say that.

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really? .. this is just dumb

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Bought a Fat PS3 back in '09, right before the Slim was announced. Really wish I had waited a bit

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Much like neck-ties PS3s just keep getting slimmer and slimmer.

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well if its cheaper birng it on might as well buy me one at last!!!!!! XD

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I don't have a PS3 yet, and this sounds interesting. I'm wondering if a price cut will accompany this new model.

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Sounds cool. It's just sad new PS3 owners dont have backward compatibility with PS2 games like us guts who bought launch consoles. Biggest mistake Sony ever made.

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It's slim enough. Much smaller, and it'll overheat. I mean, where would the 2.5" hard drive and blu ray drive go?

Off topic, I really like my new Sony Blu Ray player. It's shaped like a slim ps3.

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off subject but does the ps3 output in dolby HD lossless audio since its bluray

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@juboner yes

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@syf82277 just in movies but not in games

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Good because the slim could have been slimer and since the PS3 will be around for many more years even if the PS4 is out people will at least get to keep a slimmer ps3 around that looks good.

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Cool I'd like to see the final specs on this :)

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Thats great "news" for me cause my phat YLOD on me 2 months ago and I'm waiting for a price drop. Lets hope there will be one

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@4dr1el YLOD? Me too. From playing Skyrim right? I just bought a slim. Bummer.

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@LordelX Nah, not skyrim. I just turn it on one day and the fearfull three beeps and yellow light happened. :'( oh well at least it gave me the chance to go back to my phat ps2 (that still works well) and play some classics I did not had the chance to play before :)

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I still have my original from the week that it was released.

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PS3 slim added more audio abilities to us AVR users with 7.1,so I'm interested in what they add to this model in terms of features. Specifically Audio and or anything else.

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If it comes out, I hope its a move to get the price down, rather than keep the price up (which so often happens in this industry, "oh but we have to charge this amount because its using more advanced micro technology!"). I won't need one atm because my PS3 Fat is still going strong, but its always good to have an option of getting one that takes up less space if my current one breaks down.

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yeah milk that ps3 sony, MILK IT, MILK IT!!!

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Well I'm about to get a job and I still don't have a PS3 so maybe I'll pick one up.

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@vault-boy Get a greatest hits version of Demon's Souls for $20. The servers are going down in October, and it's well worth a playthrough while they're still up

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sony still have those crappy cell processors from way back 2006, looking to dispose of them on a new ps3 model...

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Unless its 100% PS2 B/C, I'm not interested. I Already have 320GB Infamous 2 Slim.

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@servb0ts Now that they're re-releasing PS2 'classics' and doing the whole HD upscale thing, I doubt they'll make it compatible. Why let gamers play games they already bought when you can coax them into buying it again?

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@kohle36 Sad but True,i still own PS2 Trapt Deception 4, Fatal Frame Trilogy and both .Hack & .Hack // G.U. and I doubt well see these type of games anytime soon on PSN. my damn 500GB MGS4 Bundle died last year, :(

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@servb0ts completely agree. Unless its totally backwards compatible with PS2 games I'm probably not going to upgrade.

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Interesting. Quite frankly I don't care though as I already got a slim model. Still it would be interesting to see how they could make it smaller without jepordizing heat build up or jepordizing a core feature of previous versions.

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If this is true, then I'm jelly.

Sony always seems to do a revision like a year after I get my systems. >.>

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A PS3 Super Slim. o.O

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@buying1999 "EVER made"? So, you're saying that you don't want the Xbox 720? Wow. You're a weird Xbox fanboy.

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@buying1999 Get lost. No, better yet, get a job so we don't have to put up with your moronic comments anymore. Troll.

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meh Im planning on getting a used PS3 this weekend so I can purchase demon's souls before Dk Souls prepare to die edition comes out on PC..too bad Im not waiting months for this

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@GamerOuTLaWz nice! you are lucky. atlus just extended the demons souls multiplayer servers for the 2nd time due to all the fans still playing. so you will get to experience the real game single and multiplayer.

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@Psychokillaz Wait, what? I heard October, are they going past that? How do I double like your comment? I think it may be finally time for that BBS build I've been meaning to do.

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@Psychokillaz :D good news! yeah I read that it was suppose to shut down on may 30?? Anyway Im glad to hear theres stil llots of fans playing and ill be part of it. I really enjoyed the launch of Dark souls and played the game non-stop until my shitbox died but Im currently in a urgent need of a great,addictive RPG and demons soul was a must play in my book. Im also looking forward GoW Ascension/Last of us and Im probably gonna try Uncharted

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@GamerOuTLaWz DCUO the MMO on PS3 is so fun I'm addicted you can play for free and download it off the PSN if you want. I recommend once max level paying for sub though for the perks :)

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@GamerOuTLaWz If you liked DarkSouls, Demon's Souls is a must play - especially while the servers are still up (it's not as huge as DkS, but I actually liked it a bit better). I think I did 4 or 5 playthroughs in a row before I even touched another game.

Uncharted is actually a lot of fun, despite my best initial efforts to not enjoy it. If you're only grabbing one of them, 2 is a good pick - 3 if you want a larger multiplayer scene. Also, grab Red Dead. Trust me, just play it, it's stupid good.

Also, it's not for everyone (but since you're into rpgs) try to find a copy of Valkyria Chronicles. It's more turn based tactics, but a really well done game with an interesting watercolor/anime art style and addictive gameplay.