New super-slim PS3 model on the way?

FCC documents indicate Sony preparing new console rumored to be smaller than current slim model; may be announced at Gamescom next month.


A new PlayStation 3 model appears to be waiting in the wings. According to a Federal Communications Commission filing (spotted by Japanese website Pocket News), Sony is preparing a new 4000-series PS3 model, an update over the current 3000 line.

The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.
The new PS3 would be even slimmer than this, if rumor proves true.

The filing does not mention dimensions, but Eurogamer "has heard" that Sony is preparing to announce a slimmer PS3 model at Gamescom 2012 next month. If Sony does announce a new PS3 model at the German industry event, it will not be the first time the company has done so.

At Gamescom 2009, Sony announced the PS3 Slim, a system refresh that is 32 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and uses 34 percent less power than the 2006 launch model.

A Sony representative told GameSpot, "We do not comment on rumor or speculation."

During the 2012 Electronic Entertainment Expo last month, Eurogamer quizzed Sony Worldwide Studios boss Shuhei Yoshida about the possibility of an even slimmer PS3 model, to which the executive teased, "We should never say never--hardware guys are always looking at ways to make things cheaper, smaller."

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To be fair I can quite easily believe this.

I had an old fat 60GB since launch until Skyrim killed it, I've since re-invested in the 'slim' model but to be honest it just seems more squashed than slim. It may be thinner standing up / lying down, but it's wider overall.

If this model is smaller in dimensions then fair play, but they'll have to call it the PS3 Anorexic for folks to realise there's a slim 2.0 :P

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@warhawk-geeby super-slim, Slim-lite, mega-slim, Ultra-slim, Jenny Craig- slim, nutri-slim, LOL

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It'll have no usb ports, no wireless, no disc drive and no hdmi port... But it'll be cheap as chips : )

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@JimmeyBurrows hdmi and wireless and usb ports would be necessary. How else would a gamer charge their game conveniently? Without wireless, it would be making it harder for the gamer to connect to PSN and spend more money/time with their Sony device, and hdmi is so common and inexpensive that many new tv's don't even support component cables (such as the thin, cheap walmart tv's).

I could see them axing the disc drive because that would reduce the number moving parts and size considerably, but then Sony would have to compensate by bolstering the HDD. I don't think they would do that since Blu-ray discs are cheaper than HDD....also, it would cut off potential blu-ray consumers (and sony makes a lot of blu-ray discs)

I could see them axing a few ports in the rear and downsizing the HDD to like 40 gigs max. It's supposed to be small (which most-likely means cheap, too)

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@thunderboltx7 @JimmeyBurrows @thunderboltx7 @JimmeyBurrows Reducing the HDD to 40gb wouldn't save any money, in fact it might cost more as I couldn't imagine any HDD manufacturers would still be making such a small capacity so it would probably need to be a special order. I reckon that they'll remove the ability to change the hard drive yourself.

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@JimmeyBurrows ("game" in second line should be ** controllers ^^^)

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Why? İts not a cellphone or any kinda mobile device that you carry with you,i dont see the point. I think i ll stick with my piano black fat ps3 forever <3

Avatar image for GamespotSux_IKR

I'm interested if it lets me do 3 things at once without freezing

Avatar image for TheDarkSpot

Three letters: W T F

Avatar image for alangscott

The original phat was stunning to look at, a real living room centre piece, had extra ports and slots etc. but overheating issues and YLOD caused so many problems for people. I'd had the phat back but without all the pain of the poor design..

Avatar image for grbolivar

@alangscott why would somebody want a big thing that's heavier, uglier and consumes more power?? The slimmer the better.

Avatar image for alangscott

@grbolivar Design is a subjective thing. I just liked the older design, shiny :) , touch sensitive power switch, additional ports, memory card slots, PS2 support etc. I do love the whisper quiet fan on my PS3 Slim though..

Avatar image for Klokateer

@grbolivar because it had extra ports and in some early cases, was backwards compatible.

Avatar image for thunderboltx7

@Klokateer backward compatibility would be a winner for me. I need a new ps3 (my bro won't give his up and i'm going to college)

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You gotta be sh****ng me!! But I always prefered the PS "brick model". They might be heavy but they're powerhouses!

Avatar image for DethSkematik

So what features will this model not have tihs time around? :P I kid, I kid. If it has the PS2's top opening for the discs, I'm sold (I kind of liked that design, for some reason).

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if they just make it to play ps2 games

Avatar image for banana23man

@primeheart1 Or if your PC can run it, try an emulator. I play FF12 in full HD with the quality of FF13. Not bragging, just saying what an emulator can do :)

Avatar image for syseong

Cool.. only if SONY offer one-to-one exchange of our old PS3.

Avatar image for thunderboltx7

@syseong Hmmm...that makes no sense from a business standpoint?? why would they want to exchange their new hardware for old hardware?

Avatar image for sakisaka

It's gonna be PS3 Anorexic..

Avatar image for BlackLense

Already see this coming, PS2 & PSP also has this kind of revision...

Avatar image for Klokateer

I'll probably need a new one by then anyway. My 120gb slim is damn near out of hard drive space.

Avatar image for JimmeyBurrows

@Klokateer Can't you replace the hard drive in the slims?

Avatar image for Klokateer

@JimmeyBurrows Maybe, but even if I can, I don't know how. I tried hooking up to a 1tb external but the PS3 didn't even list it as a connected device.

Avatar image for thunderboltx7

@nickname4me I don't think they'd axe PSX compatibility since it's just a software emulator (I think).

There's a lot of PSX software on PSN so IMO you can still hope for PSX.

Avatar image for Klokateer

@nickname4me Thanks for the advice. I might have to try those ideas at some point.

Avatar image for primeheart1

I will call it slimmer slim ps3 sounds nice :P

Avatar image for banana23man

I wonder what they're gona call it. PS3 Slim 2? PS3 2Slim? Or package it with an 8 Mile Bluray and call it the Slim Shady Bundle? (okay, that was bad :X)

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still rocking my 2007 psfat with an upgraded 320GB HDD :)

Avatar image for hunter8man

@Heartagram_03 Same here. Still have my 60 GB (which has since been upgraded to 250 GB) launch day PS3 with backwards compatibility. Wish they would bring that feature back.

Avatar image for unwell-7

@Heartagram_03 Holy crap! Are still using the original lens? Mine got messed up two years after I bought it. Had to get a slim version.

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Hey, if this thing has backwards compatibility, I. WILL. BUY IT!

Avatar image for primeheart1

yeah thats right and yes I want to ask something and I know its not the right place but Im kinda new here so would someone explain or show me how to make friends on gamespot and thank you O.o

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PS3's in general are more reliable than 360's from 2005 till now i bought 3 xboxs and only one phat PS3 in 2006 and it still works , i hope microsoft don't make the same mistake in the next generation

Avatar image for primalwanderer

@toffy666 you really think its a mistake if you brought 3 xboxs and only one PS3? sounds like a great way to get more money out of people if you're microsoft.

Avatar image for primeheart1

wow slimmer than the slim model that might be something

Avatar image for ExplicitMike

@buying1999 Ah I see you're back. I missed you on the other PS3 article. How is Rage running on your 360? For me is terrible. As a 360 owner I have to tell you. I hate swapping discs to play one game. Isn't that what you had to do with the PS1? LOL anyways I'll see you on the next Sony article you festering troll.

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I just don't see the point..

Avatar image for unwell-7

@emacdaddy08 True.

Avatar image for okassar

I think this is warranted from a cost savings and long term attractiveness standpoint. It will not/should not delay the next generation.

Avatar image for TheCyborgNinja

If it has a big HDD and other pros, I may be interested. I had an incident where my PS3 was covered and on for 2 hours (cat-related accident), so I dunno how much life it has left.

Avatar image for Bird_Killer

@King_TigerMK3 Considering how large Sony is, I wouldn't be surprised if they could afford having two hardware development teams working separately. Slimming down the PS3 even slimmer (and cheaper) should be a safe decision considering Sony is still manufacturing PS3s and a lot of people will still be buying PS3s after the release of Playstation 4.

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why ?

Avatar image for clqtte

How about multiple colors super small PS3,Sony?

Avatar image for mastergundam


there are other colors but they just won't sell it in US mainly because black color has more consumers in US lol?

Avatar image for thefa

I think we have that already, it's called a Playstation Vita

Avatar image for GodGamer1995

@thefa PSV's more like a supercharged PSP

Avatar image for mastergundam

@GodGamer1995 nope, it's just like ps3 in beginning when its hard to develop game, its not even half a year yet from its release day..give it another year and you will see it bloom

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

The Playstation 3 Superleggera!

Joking aside, it will be interesting to see how much slimmer can the system go.

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this one will fit in your pocket.......