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New Super Mario Bros. Movie Clip Debuts At The Game Awards

A lone toadstool takes Mario to Toad school.


A new clip from the Super Mario Bros. Movie debuted during tonight's Game Awards, putting a spotlight on Toad, Mario's plucky mushroom sidekick.

The clip shows Chris Pratt's Mario following Toad--voiced by Keegan-Michael Key--as they traverse the Mushroom Kingdom toward Peach's Castle. Toad is familiar with all of the obstacles, while Mario has a bit of trouble. A variety of obstacles seen in Mario games are shown, including the clear pipes from Super Mario 3D World, and if you listen closely you might hear a couple of old school Toads.

The clip is the third time The Super Mario Bros. Movie has been previewed for the public, with the first trailer debuting in October and the second dropping one month later on November 29. The first trailer introduced Jack Black as Bowser and Key's Toad, and the second trailer offered a first look at Anya Taylor Joy's Princess Peach, Charlie Day's Luigi, and more.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie is set to debut in theaters on April 7 with a confirmed PG rating.

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