New Suikoden set for February 9 in Japan

New entry in RPG series coming to the PSP; Konami's online store to offer different bundles for the title.


Fans of the classic role-playing game series Suikoden wishing for a new entry in the franchise can finally get their fix with the recent Konami announcement that the new title, dubbed Genso Suikoden Tsumugareshi Hyakunen no Toki, will be out on February 9 for the PSP.

February 9 is a good day for Suikoden fans, provided they can read Japanese.
February 9 is a good day for Suikoden fans, provided they can read Japanese.

The regular version of the game will be selling for 5,980 yen ($77.30) on retail shelves. Gamers in Japan can also order the various limited editions of the game from the Konami Style online shop.

The "Special Version" is priced at 12,000 yen ($155) and contains the soundtrack CD, a drama CD, and an art book. Another set bundles the "Special Version" alongside the Genso Suikoden encyclopedia, which costs 19,500 yen ($251) altogether.

The encyclopedia, which chronicles all of the characters and details of past Suikoden titles, is also sold separately for 9,450 yen ($122). Alternatively, gamers can buy another bundle featuring the game, the OST, and drama CD for just 9,580 yen ($123.75). There is no official word from Konami concerning a downloadable version on the PlayStation Network or about an English version of the game.

The game's story stars a warrior sent back to the past to gather a group of soldiers to combat a threat that appears every 100 years to wipe out all forms of life. Beyond that, Konami has yet to share more details concerning game mechanics and battle systems.

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