New Street Fighter 5 Stage "Too Distracting" to Be Used in Capcom's Own Tournaments

Skies of Honor follows Kanzuki Beach in being blocked from competitive play.


Street Fighter V's newest DLC stage, Skies of Honor, has been deemed "too distracting" for use in Capcom's own upcoming tournaments. The publisher made the announcement on Twitter this week, saying the stage won't be used for this year's Capcom Cup 2016 and the CPT 2017 season.

Skies of Honor sees players duking it out on the wing of an airborne airplane as the background moves dramatically, making it one of the most dynamic stages available in Street Fighter V. That it would be blocked from competitive play is no big surprise, then. It's not the first Street Fighter V stage to be banned in high-profile tournaments, as the Kanzuki Beach stage also is.

The arena is available now for either 70,000 Fight Money or $3.99.

Capcom Cup 2016 takes place during Sony's PlayStation Experience event on December 3 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The top eight players will compete for their share of more than $350,000.

In other Street Fighter V news, the game's next DLC character is Akuma. He was announced earlier this month in a video that also teased a new stage. Although Capcom has not yet announced a release date for Akuma, the character will be playable at Sony's PlayStation Experience event.

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