New Street Fighter 5 PS4 Worldwide Beta Test Dates Revealed

The beta is set to restart later this week and run for a period of five days.


After canceling the first PlayStation 4 beta in the wake of server issues back in July and promising to re-start it later, Capcom on Wednesday announced the new dates for the Street Fighter V test.

The beta will be held worldwide on August 28, starting at 4 PM PDT / 7 PM EDT. It will continue for a period of five days, ending on September 2, at 7 AM PDT / 10 AM EDT.

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"Outside of the servers being shut down for periodic maintenance, we expect everything to run continuously throughout the entire five day beta period," Capcom said in a statement.

Capcom also warned that players may still encounter some "connectivity issues" during the beta.

"This data is extremely helpful to us, as it will ensure that the final product will have the most optimal net code," the developer said. "In case there are issues, be sure to follow @SFVServer on Twitter for the latest updates on the status of the server."

Finally, Capcom provided some tips you can follow to ensure the best possible experience. Capcom recommends the following:

  • Wired Internet connections provide more stable speeds than Wi-Fi, so use a wired connection if you can.
  • Avoid downloading files in the background while playing, as it takes up bandwidth and slows your connection.

You can guarantee yourself a spot in the Street Fighter V beta by preordering the game.

Street Fighter V producer Yoshinori Ono recently teased an announcement related to the game coming at PAX Prime this weekend. Whether that's related to the beta is unclear, as Ono wouldn't share any details about what it entails.

This PS4-only beta originally began in July, but ended up being taken down due to severe technical issues. Capcom delayed it indefinitely and said it would bring the beta back for a full five days, as was originally planned, once it had resolved the issues.

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SFV beta....that reminds me i need to talk to my weed man!

Avatar image for rasterror

We'll see. I'm really looking forward to it but my faith in Capcom went out the door years ago. Still I'm definitely going enjoy it. If it works.

Avatar image for -artist-

Is there any way to be a part of the beta without preordering the game?

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@-artist-: preorder on amazon...get the code. Cancel when beta is over...your welcome

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Capcom isn't making this game Street Fighter II: Street Fighter V Edition are they? SFII nostalgia didn't work for SFXT so bringing back the same old $hit from SFII instead of focusing on bringing back more characters from Alpha and SFIII isn't going to drive sales. The fact that the whole angle with Charlie ties to M. Bison instead of Gill, as it should be, made me go "ah ****, not again with the same SFII storyline"

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Interesting! Will check it out!

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At least give us Ken for the inconvenience. That's the LEAST they can do for us.

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Good because I have yet to play the beta.

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Better have fits or better. Played for the 1st time last night, pretty different feeling from the game.