New Street Fighter 5 DLC Character Announced, Releases August 29

Meet Menat.


Capcom has announced Menat, a new DLC fighter for Street Fighter V, will be available on August 29. A trailer for the character was shown during the Hong Kong Esports Festival where the latest leg of the Capcom Pro Tour competition is being held. You can see Menat in action in the video below.

Menat is a female Egyptian character that manipulates orbs as part of her fighting style. Naturally, the first point of comparison for her is Rose, a character from the Alpha/Zero series. Like Rose, Menat is able to reflect projectiles and can summon them to surround her as part of her V-Trigger move.

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It seems like players will be able to position their orbs on a stage to control space and also send them at an opponent or call them back on command, which will be handy for creating lengthy combos and juggling enemies. In the gameplay trailer she can be seen knocking Ryu into the air and then calling an orb back, which hits Ryu into the air again and extends the juggle. At this point she grabs him out of the air and brings him crashing to the ground. The orbs also look to be very useful for pushing and pulling opponents into ideal attacking distances, even when they're blocking.

Unlike Rose, however, Menat has a dive kick and has a number of grab moves on top of the universal throw that every fighter has. Her V-Reversal is a teleport, which means she'll be pretty handy for escaping corner setups. A number of costumes will also be available for Menat when she becomes available and you can take a look at them below.

Menat is available to purchase individually for $6 or as part of the game's $30 Season 2 Character Pass. This pass also includes Akuma, Kolin, Ed, and Abigail.

The last DLC character for Street Fighter V was Abigail, who became available in early August. Abigail is a beefy bruiser that originally appeared in Capcom's Final Fight series, and stands as the tallest Street Fighter character to date.

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Capcom also previously revealed more DLC costumes for Street Fighter V's character. Four new outfits be available from August 29 to coincide with the fighting game series' 30th anniversary. The costumes are for M. Bison, Guile, Ibuki, and Karin, and each one retails for $4 each. You can see screenshots of the outfits here.

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