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New Steam Deck Update Lets You Transfer Installed Games From PC To Deck

The latest update for Valve's handheld opens the door to local data transfer.


Valve has detailed the latest update for its handheld gaming device Steam Deck, and it will include the ability to transfer installed games and game files between PCs and Steam Decks via a local network.

The Steam Local Game Network Transfers--as they are officially called--will let a user to copy both installation and update files from one PC to another, or from a PC to the Steam Deck, so long as both devices are connected to the same local area network. The feature will also let each user decide with whom they would prefer to transfer with--no one, only devices logged in to the same account, devices owned by friends of the active account, or any Steam user.

The official Steam blog post for the feature does supply a list of requirements in order to make the local game transfers work, and that list includes the following:

  • Both devices must be connected to Steam and be able to find each other on the local network.
  • Both Steam accounts must allow file transfers.
  • The account transferring files out must be idle, meaning no active downloads or games running.
  • The game being transferred needs to released to the public and playable by both Steam users.
  • The game being transferred must have the latest update installed on the device transferring files out.

The new Steam Deck update will also address multiple bugs and new features, a list which includes the addition of streamable games to the "Ready To Play" filter, support for the Sony DualSense Edge controller--including support for remapping of the rear buttons--and the reduction of flashing in the background when scrolling through the home screen.

This latest update for Steam Deck is available now for all existing Steam Deck users. For those without a Steam Deck, it can be purchased on its official Steam page.

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