New Star Wars Trailer Contains Reference To Rebels Animated Series

This will be the second Star Wars movie to feature elements from Rebels.


The final Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker is here, closing out the Skywalker saga which started with 1977's A New Hope. Aside from the 11 films--including Rogue One and Solo--there are also a few animated series which are considered canon to the Star Wars universe, and there's a nice nod to one of them in this trailer.

Appearing at 1:00 on the right side of the trailer--which you can see above--what looks like the ship Ghost--from Star Wars: Rebels-- appears as the Millennium Falcon flies into the frame. There is no confirmation that this is the case, but considering Star Wars' track record of incorporating things from Rebels into one of the previous movies, it's a pretty safe bet this is the iconic Star Wars: Rebels ship. Check out a closer look below.

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This isn't the first time Ghost has made an appearance in a gigantic galactic battle sequence in a Star Wars movie. In Rogue One, during the Battle of Scarif, Ghost appeared alongside the rest of the Rebel fleet. And we know who was driving the ship during that time. Aside from the fact Rebels leads into Rogue One/A New Hope, over an intercom, during the movie, Hera's name is announced. The only Rebels character to make a big screen debut was Chopper, and again, this was during Rogue One, in the background. This also works the other way, as Saw Gerrera from Rogue One also appeared on Rebels for a short stint.

So who is in charge of Ghost now? Hopefully, Hera is still in charge, and we know she was working with the Resistance, alongside Leia, according to the book Star Wars: The Rebel Files. Maybe Chopper is still working with her, sassy as ever.

We'll learn more about Ghost's appearance when Star Wars: Episode 9 arrives in theaters on December 20.

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