New Star Wars: The Old Republic Content Is Live, Adds Shiny New Tank

A tank! A tank! My kingdom for a tank!

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BioWare and Lucasfilm announced yesterday new content for Star Wars: The Old Republic, in the Defend the Throne update, and the Stalwart Leader Cartel pack.

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Defend the Throne includes a new increased difficulty level for those that like a challenge. Master Mode is available for all 25 chapters of the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne expansions, which make enemies "more formidable than ever," according to BioWare's news article.

It also adds a series of new multiplayer battles for those that prefer to face-off against other player characters. Here are the descriptions from the announcement:

  • Trench Runner: "Capture and defend the war-torn trenches of Denova against the fanatical Republic General Amos Rike and his elite commandos."
  • Destroyer of Worlds: "Escort your team and a payload of explosives deep beneath Makeb to defeat a corrupted Jedi Master and seal away the ancient horror she’s unearthed."
  • Landing Party: "Take down a group of deserters from the Zakuulan military hiding on Rakata Prime before they can finish building a new and improved Star Fortress with which to terrorize the galaxy."
  • Divided We Fall: "Infiltrate the hideout of a rogue Coruscant Security force and foil their plot to bomb the Republic Senate and incite war by framing the Alliance."
  • Trial and Error: "Assault a hidden space station laboratory where an experimental combat adrenal based on the Rakghoul plague is being developed and stop the vile substance’s spread before it can wreak havoc across the galaxy."
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The Stalwart Leader Cartel Pack adds two new sets of armor, and the massive-looking E-95 Dread Behemoth tank mount, for anyone interested in trading speed for intimidation value.

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