New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer Out Now, Watch It Here

The trailer may contain spoilers, but it's full of Star Wars wonderment.


As promised, a new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has been released, and you can watch it above. But just as its director suggests, this is one you'll want to sit out if you want to avoid revealing too much. Don't worry, we'll leave those big moments out as well--but there are plenty of them.

During Monday Night Football, the latest trailer for the latest edition of the Star Wars Saga hit the air, and if you haven't seen it, director Rian Johnson wants you to avoid watching it, in case you're trying to remain spoiler-free. However, you can still rewatch the first trailer for the film, which debuted earlier this year during Star Wars Celebration in Orlando. (Following the release of the trailer, Johnson took back his earlier comment and encouraged fans to just watch the trailer.)

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As seen above, Rey, Finn, Kylo, and the rest of the Star Wars characters are all in very different places. Rey is off training with Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi, there are some great spaceship battles throughout the clip, and we even get to see a little bit of Snoke. However, like Johnson said, there are a few moments that might give too much away for most Star Wars fans. So again, if you're looking to go into Star Wars: The Last Jedi fresh, you may want to skip this.

The Last Jedi stars Daisy Ridley (Rey), Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker), John Boyega (Finn)--whose character is a big deal in the new film--Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron), and Adam Driver (Kylo Ren). Tickets for The Last Jedi are now on sale prior to its December 15 release. If this has you amped up for some Star Wars action, EA conveniently extended the Battlefront II beta, allowing you to jump into the shoes of Rey and company for a bit longer. The full game releases on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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