New Star Wars Game From Zynga Is Coming This Year But We Still Don't Know What It Is

The Farmville developer's Star Wars game should soft launch this summer and potentially release for everyone this year.


Zynga, the social/mobile game giant, is working on a new Star Wars game and it's releasing this year. The San Francisco-based company announced in its latest earnings report that the new Star Wars game should "soft launch" early in the summer.

The full launch could happen by the end of the year, Zynga said, but it tempered its statement by saying this is only a possibility and nothing is set in stone yet.

It's common practice for mobile games to have soft launches in smaller regions, like New Zealand and Australia, before rolling out globally. However, Zynga did not specify any soft launch regions for the Star Wars game.

Typically, developers test features and systems in smaller regions during soft launches before adjusting the final product and rolling it out in other places. This seems to be the case with Zynga's new Star Wars game, too.

"Our goal is to create new forever franchises that add to our live services portfolio. We have an exciting multi-year pipeline of new games and maintain a rigorous approach to testing new features in soft launch with the goal of delivering long-term player engagement," Zynga said.

This is Zynga's first Star Wars game, but it's not the first time the company is working on a game based on a giant entertainment property. The company's latest big release was Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells, and Zynga said in its release that the game is off to a great start. Zynga also runs Game of Thrones: Slots Casino, based on HBO's massive fantasy property.

"Over the coming years, we expect new games to be a meaningful growth driver as we continue to launch new franchises from our exciting new game pipeline," Zynga said.

Very little is known about Zynga's Star Wars game, but the company is ramping up to accomodate it. In 2020, Zynga opened a new studio in Austin, Texas to work on the game, but we still don't know the genre or any other details.

Mobile is a giant opportunity for Star Wars, as EA's Galaxy of Heroes card-based Star Wars game is incredibly lucrative, raking in $1 billion to date.

If Zynga's game doesn't intrigue you, there are numerous other new Star Wars games in development. After selling 52 million Star Wars games that have made $3 billion, EA is continuing its relationship with Disney on even more Star Wars games in the future, but EA won't have the exclusive rights for much longer. Ubisoft is working on its own open-world Star Wars game, putting its Division team to work on it.

Going back to Zynga, the company just had its biggest year ever in terms of revenue, with the company pulling in $1.97 billion in revenue. Zynga also achieved new records for advertising revenue, international revenue, and more.

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