New Star Wars: Battlefront, Need For Speed Games Will Be Playable At EA's E3 Event

The return of NBA Live will be there, too.


Having announced in January that it will again host its own separate E3 event this year, Electronic Arts has shared a list of some of the games that will be at EA Play in June.

Most notably, the new Star Wars Battlefront and Need for Speed games will both be playable for attendees, according to a post on its website today. EA has previously said the Battlefront sequel features more depth than the 2015 reboot, as well as a single-player campaign, but it's unclear if that will be available for fans to try at EA Play.

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This year's slate of sports games can also be played at the event, including Madden NFL 18, FIFA 18, and--most notably, given the series' prolonged absence--NBA Live 18.

EA teased that more games will be confirmed for the event in "the coming months," though it provided no further indication as to what those might be. The company has previously confirmed that new UFC and NHL games are in development, as is a new BioWare game that will be out by the end of March 2018.

As with last year's event, EA Play is open to the public, though you will need tickets in order to attend. The Hollywood-based event takes place June 10-12, just prior to the start of E3. Tickets go on sale on April 20 at 9 AM PST.

Last year's EA Play marked a major departure for EA. The company abandoned its usual space on the E3 show floor and instead launched its own event that was open in part to the public (E3 is an industry- and media-only event, although this year's opens partially to the public). It still had its traditional press conference where it announced new games, but the rest of the time was primarily devoted to allowing hands-on time with its games.

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I'm hoping EA have FINALLY got their heads out of their f**kin' asses and sorted Need for Speed, no online only, no bull shit, just a wicked game racing game much like the old Undergrounds and old Most Wanted running on Frostbite engine, that'll be wicked, if not, they know by now exactly were to shove it, they've had loads of practice =P

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I wonder if the new Need For Speed will be always online like the last one.

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EA is the polar opposite of King Midas when it comes to IP.

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Why do devs have to always put gamers through the inevitable online only b.s. to get harassed and boycotted before making the games people actually want! Titanfall and Battlefront are perfect examples of how transparent developer laziness can be when your main focus is online multiplayer maps with all attention on Season Passes and DLC with no beginning, no end, no story and no purpose.

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@sellingthings: bf1 had war stories at least. That was a step in the right direction had they provided more with the maps they called season pass content.

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I just hope EAfront 2 becomes as great as Battlefront 2.

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Anyone want to place bets on whether this is the year EA increases DLC pass cost to $60?

They're the ones that introduced $50 w/SWBF...

Also guessing on MT currency w/random cards, too.

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@Pyrosa: iirc, EA didn't introduce the $50 DLC pass, Activision did, with Call of Duty Elite for MW3 (which EA quickly followed with Premium for Battlefield 3)

The trend might be going the other way now actually, with games like Halo 5 and Titanfall 2 getting free DLC support. Who knows

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I should've loved the last NFS game but I didn't.

It had nighttime, car customization, ... a decent singleplayer story...

But I just got bored of it, and it didn't help that the game loaded 5 minutes just to get into the main menu smh O_o

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Are they charging for the tix then? E3 isn't free this year but EA Play was last year. Sounds like they be no free!

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The new NFS be Offline, PLEASE! Thank you!

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@PETERAKO: Sponsored by Monster Energy as seen in every cutscene.

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Oh, yes.

I have regained my faith in DICE, (not EA) so hopefully, this will be miles better than Battlefront 2015. Please cover Prequels, Original Trilogy, Rogue One and FA and maybe, although I am really sure this will come as dlc, TLJ.

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ea needs to improve the quality of there games (less microtransactions and more focus on gameplay the games last gen were alot better)they should also do a different genre there arent alot of gangster games this gen they should make the godfather 3

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@gamingdevil800: Disney is trying to pretend the prequels never happened so that seems unlikely.

Guessing the new game will be centered around the Resistance vs First Order conflict, with Force Awakens/The Last Jedi content

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@Spartan_418: Ugh fk that its basically the same as Rebels vs Empire just different names and slightly different costumes.

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@gamingdevil800: I always forget that there are fans of that era. I mean, sure, I played 200+ hours of SWBF2, but always preferred original units.

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@Pyrosa: Rebels Vs Empire is so crap and somewhat unbalanced compared to Clones vs Droids