New Star Wars Battlefront 2 Trailer Shows Off The Last Jedi Content, Including Finn And Captain Phasma

Take a look at some of the Last Jedi-themed content coming to Star Wars Battlefront II.


This month, EA kicks off the first "season" of updates for Star Wars Battlefront II, which are based on the upcoming new film, Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi. The bulk of the new content arrives just prior to the film's release, on December 13, but before then, EA has shared a new trailer that showcases some of the Last Jedi-themed content that is coming to the game.

Perhaps the most notable additions that The Last Jedi Season brings to Star Wars Battlefront II are two new heroes, Finn and Captain Phasma. We've known for some time that both would be added to the game as free DLC characters, but the new trailer marks the first time either have been shown off in the game. Additionally, developer DICE will add a new Galactic Assault map (Crait), a Starfighter Assault map (D'Qar), and a new vehicle (Tallie's A-Wing). You can take a look at them in the video above.

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Some new single-player content will also arrive as part of The Last Jedi Season, specifically a new mission called Resurrection. This puts players again in the role of Inferno Squad commander Iden Versio, this time "during the days of the First Order's rise to power." You can catch a peek at the new mission--and an older Iden--in the new trailer.

While most of the Last Jedi-themed content won't arrive until next week, EA kicked off the season modestly this week by letting players align themselves with either the First Order or New Republic. Once you choose a side, the game will present you with special, weekly faction quests over the next few weeks; completing these will "help edge your faction closer to victory" and earn your side additional rewards. The first challenge is available now and tasks players with racking up 50 kills with each trooper class.

Other new challenges and special events are also scheduled to arrive throughout the month, including a holiday playlist on December 27. The content will roll out at the same time across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The Last Jedi, meanwhile, premieres on December 15. For more on that, read our The Last Jedi review.

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