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New Star Wars And Marvel Disney Plus Blu-Rays Have Arrived, But You May Want To Order Soon

Four new Disney Plus shows made the jump to 4K Blu-ray on April 30, and if you prefer shopping at Amazon, delivery windows are expanding quickly.


The second wave of Star Wars and Marvel physical editions of hit Disney+ series launched today, April 30. On the Star Wars side, you can pick up Season 1 of the stellar show Andor as well as the complete Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Meanwhile, Marvel fans and collectors can add The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Moon Knight to their shelves. All four shows are available on 4K Blu-ray and standard 1080p Blu-ray. You'll get a steelbook case and three art cards with each one, regardless whether you choose 4K Blu-ray or standard Blu-ray. Amazon and Walmart are offering nice discounts for the brand-new releases, too.

If you prefer to shop at Amazon, you should know that you'll have a bit of a wait before your order arrives. Though Moon Knight is available to ship immediately, The Falcon and The Winter Soldier and Andor won't arrive until May 8 at the earliest, according to Amazon's current estimates (which can change at any time). Meanwhile, Obi-Wan has a one- to two-month wait.

Over at Walmart, on the other hand, all four releases are available to ship immediately. You may even be eligible for free one-day or delivery. You can also order online and pick up at your local store. Here's a quick look at Walmart's listings for each.

Walmart Disney+ listings, eligible for one-day delivery

And if you still want to pick up last year's releases, we've compiled a list below of all eight of the Disney+ Marvel and Star Wars physical editions on 4K and standard Blu-ray. And, of course, you could also sign up for a Disney+ subscription to watch all of these shows and more.

More Marvel and Star Wars Disney+ Blu-rays

Can't wait for these upcoming releases? Check out the existing collection of Disney Plus shows that made the jump to Blu-ray.

Disney Plus Blu-ray

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