New Star Trek TV Show Details on Characters and More Revealed

Star Trek Discovery premieres in January 2017.


The new Star Trek TV show is still many months from its premiere, but more details are emerging about it. We always know the title (Star Trek: Discovery), its place in the franchise timeline, and the fact that the lead character will be female and not a Captain. Now, showrunner Bryan Fuller has revealed the name of the show's main protagonist.

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Fuller spoke to AICN, and revealed that she would be known as "Number One." "When we introduce our protagonist, she is called Number One in honor of Majel Barrett's character in the original pilot," he said, referring to 1965's first episode of Star Trek, titled "The Cage." "As we were first talking about the series, talking to CBS, we said initially we will only call this character Number One."

Fuller went on to mention that Number One's real name will be revealed before the end of the first season. He also told the site that the second episode will be written by Nicholas Meyer, the writer/director of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan and Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, considered by many fans to be the best of the original cast movies.

Star Trek: Discovery is set to premiere in January 2017, with production beginning this fall in Toronto. Last month it was reported that Netflix had picked up the show for streaming outside of the US and Canada. It can be seen in 188 territories within 24 hours of every new episode premiering in the US.

American viewers will able to watch the first episode on the CBS network channel, with all subsequent episodes screening initially on the company's All Access digital subscription service. In Canada, it will be broadcast on the streaming channel CraveTV.

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