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New Star Citizen Video Shows Mark Hamill's Character

Star Citizen celebrates Star Wars Day with a new video.


Star Citizen's single-player mode, Squadron 42, has some seriously impressive talent signed on. One of the big-name actors in the game is Luke Skywalker actor and The Joker voice actor Mark Hamill.

To celebrate Star Wars Day today, Cloud Imperium Games released new footage of Hamill performing as his character, Lt. Commander Steve "Old Man" Colton. The footage begins at around 23:40 in the video below (via DualShockers).

This is not the first time we've seen Hamill in Star Citizen, as a gameplay video from 2015 showed off his character in action--you can watch that here.

Hamill and Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts worked together in the past for 1999's Wing Commander, based on the game of the same name that Roberts created.

Hamill is joined in Squadron 42 by other A-list actors like Gary Oldman (The Dark Knight), Andy Serkis (The Lord of the Rings), Gillian Anderson (The X-Files), Ben Mendelsohn (Bloodline), and Mark Strong (Kingsman), among others.

Star Citizen is the most successful crowdfunded game in history, pulling in more than $148.5 million by the developer's latest count.

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