New SSX in the works at EA Canada?

Snowboarding series reboot reportedly in the works for Xbox 360, PS3; may include heliboarding, avalanches; VGA reveal hinted at by EA Sports.

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Source: Gaming blog Kotaku.

What we heard: Last month, rumors of a new SSX game sprouted up following the registration of the Web domains and Now, Kotaku is claiming to have inside knowledge of the title, which is apparently in the works for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at EA Canada.

According to Kotaku's anonymous source, development of the new game is being handled by the team behind the popular Skate games. As such, the title will apparently have a similar control scheme, with the right analog stick being used to perform tricks as players hurtle down snowy slopes.

Could this be the first glimpse of the new SSX?
image credit: Kotaku.
Could this be the first glimpse of the new SSX? image credit: Kotaku.

More intriguing is the report's reference to surveys sent out this summer, which indicate the game may have content beyond normal snowboarding outings. The survey, which was apparently targeted at SSX fans, reportedly described "avoiding, out-running and even riding on top of massive avalanches; battling hurricane winds; white-outs; bitter cold; falling rocks; and gaping crevasses that open up at a moment's notice." The game was also rumored to have not only heliboarding, but also other extreme sports such as base jumping, skyboarding, ice climbing, and wingsuit flying.

The game itself was described as "an intense, moment-to-moment battle against the forces created from riding your snowboard over the most spectacular and remote mountains on Earth." This led Kotaku to wonder if the game is the same as one being teased for a reveal at the VGAs this Saturday. Brief footage of that game asks players if they are ready to "Take on the planet" and shows a series of snow-capped peaks and a helicopter flying over a mountain summit with a flare atop it. Kotaku reports a similar-looking piece of art (pictured) was sent out alongside the snowboard game survey taken earlier this year.

A direct connection between the "Take on the Planet" game and SSX publisher Electronic Arts was made yesterday, when EA Sports president Peter Moore directly promoted the reveal via a blog post.

Moore described the game as "an obscure new title that's been teased alongside new trailers and announcements for Gears of War 3, Resistance 3, and the new game from our partners at BioWare. Set on what appears to be one of the most treacherous mountain ranges on the planet, this is one we're watching with a lot of anticipation. Hope you are too…."

The official story: EA had not responded to requests for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus?: Looking not bogus. The fact that the head of EA Sports--which includes a studio at EA Canada--is promoting an "obscure" title set on snowy mountaintops is a hint less subtle than a black-diamond wipeout.

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@747plane: did you not read the article?? It said 360 and PS3-exclusives.

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No Wii love? Boy that sucks!

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i own all the ssx and i cant wait for this one to come out does anybody know what system its coming out for?

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I own SSX tricky, SSX3 and Blur. SSX3 was by far the best and Blur by far the most disapointing. Rethinking the franchise and keep the good elements: electro/drum&bass soundtrack, characters attitude, free exploring track, easy control.

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@jaredcrazy3232 Meh... Elise is okay too.

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@ all you Haters! I have nearly every current game for the PC out. Most a week before it is available to the general public. I work from my PC. I hate consoles. They are unreliable pieces of junk. When they break you can't simply just go buy a new mobo or power supply. Not to mention their tech is 5 years behind the PC. The only reason I posted here on the first place, is to state I would like to see this game available for the PC, But you haters keep jumping on my back! I got SSX trick SSX 3 to work on the PC Using pcsx2. << LINK REMOVED >> Looked way better than the PS2 ever looked. But that sh*t is outdated. I got bored of those games already. Most games released today suck. The graphics are disappointing and so is the game play.

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hopefully they will have skiers in there too

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can't wait :D

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tritritritrick BOOST

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the only sports game i actually liked but i hope the skate developpers dont screw this up btw what happened to the original ssx developpers

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very nice, I hope wii gets another one as well. ssx blur is one of the best motion gaming experienced I've had. the game is amazing. That said I'll be happy to play it with thumb sticks as well, stoked does an exceptional job for a snow boarding title but I could use something new.

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Its about time. SSX had to be one of the most fun games for my ps2. The music, stunts and characters. No snowboarding game has ever come close to this games level of fun.

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cant wait damn i cant wait my ssx 3 has been played to hell and i cant seem to find a store that repairs discs please let this game be good

Avatar image for jimmyccckotb

I can't remember how long ago it was that I last played an SSX game... Man, those were the days.... This better be good.

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Cool. I loved Tricky and 3. I hope this will be good. I bet it's going to be named SSX Avalanche :P How many snowboarding games have been named that...

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@BibiMaghoo I agree, I'm a little scared too. I absolutely loves SSX3 so I hope that this has similar features. Whole mountain exploration and the like. I hope you can customize your own characters this time too along with their boards a la Pro Skater. P.S. Blur really really sucked

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Good god..... EA listened to fans....... I think hell just froze over, thank you EA.

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I can't wait, I'll be following this game for sure, but to sum it all up, I'll just say IT'S ABOUT TIME!!!!!

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YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! C'mon EA, please don't screw this up. I've been waiting years for this.

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OMG SSX in HD, finally. I've been waiting for a new SSX to hit PS360, I hope the gameplay remains the same. Plus those descriptions of battling winds and avoiding rocks, sounds like each level will play out differently and have events going on through them. Sounds awesome.

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loved SSX back in the day, hope this is good

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Loved the original SSX, and I'm not even a sports game fan. If this is better than the original, I'm sold.

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i used to love the SSX games. hopefully this is good

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About time, I've haven't seen this game for a while hope it succeeds. :)

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Breaking News! EA has bought the rights to Lost Planet and is turning it into a release a year snowboarding action game...WITH LAZERS! ...Of course I'm joking but SSX Tricky 2 would be awesome, Brody is the man!

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about f*****g time!!, this bit of news made my day ..if this really is a new SSX, it better be an evolved SSX Tricky/SSX3... stay true to the series.

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I hope it is crazy fun like ssx tricky

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@ DriftMachine you didn't include the cost of a case or power supply. And @ $550 already, I could buy a PS3 and a 360. I see your point, but you didn't make it very well. PC has always had the ability to own consoles, but only if you put the time and money into them. BTW, add in the cost of the newer card you already claim you need. After 3 years, my 360 is still running new games as well as intended.

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Good story DriftMachine, Now go download Steam and Desura. Download some current games, play them, then download the countless add ons available from the modding community, play them. Then start going through the back catalogue of classics suchs as Fallout 1/2, Planescape Torment, Half Life 1, Quake, C&C, Warcraft 2 and play them...and then if you still need something to play download Lode Runner and dig a hole and try not to fall in

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I have played 3 versions of SSX on an emulator called PCSX2. The game looks way better on the PC. My issue is there are not enough games available for the PC. The xbox360 games can run on the PC. There are more games available for the console market. But consoles break constantly, and are less powerful. 600 to 900 in parts can build a PC good enough to make console look like dinosaurs. I am waiting for the day Microsoft releases a software pack for Xbox360 to work on PC. For the moment you can pay about 2,000 for an Software Development Kit and an education in programming to run the program. If I had that, I would be writing and editing them. Pc smokes the console. Even my 3 year old outdated one. You can build it for 550 now. Q8300 a 3.52Ghz max currently 3.36Ghz Gigabyte EP45t UD3 4 gigs Corsair Dominator Ram 1 Gig 4890 Vapor X ATI video card 256 bit bus. All games run at 45 to 120 fps. I could use a newer card.

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Both SSX3 and On tour were my favorites

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I hope they bring back DJ Atomica...and Moby hewas the best

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its being handled by the Skate team? oh god, hopefully it turns out good like the previous SSX

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yesssssssssss "its tricky"

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@Lost_Omega Elise or GTFO

Avatar image for Pete5506

If its anything like SSX 3, I will be very happy

Avatar image for jaredcrazy3232

I have far to many expletives to express my excitement. New SSX (I don't coun't blur) is great news. sounds like they arn't moving away from the over the top nature of the game.

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I've been waiting for a new SSX for years! Blur was fun, but it wasn't up to the standards of the first three games. I hope that this game goes back to its roots as a fun and over-the-top snowboarding game. Remember the pinball level from the first game anyone?

Avatar image for Storm82

Tricky and SSX 3 were the best. On tour and the Blur...not so much. I put in maybe 40 hours into SSX 3 and got all gold (before achievement points came were created) and even broke some controllers in the process.

Avatar image for x-TwilighT-x

Tricky is my favorite, I still play it from time to time, I hope it keeps with the SSX feel of all the games though.

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sounds like a lot of neat stuff but also a lot of unnecessary extra stuff. What I really liked about SSX 1-3 is that it was an ARCADE experience to the core. Flashy fireworks, crazy impossible moves, over the top announcers. Guys, those games positively oozed with style. I hope this new one doesn't sacrifice the style for the extras that I know I didn't ask for.

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Avatar image for Lost_Omega

I've been waiting years for a new SSX title but the stuff that they're sticking in, (heliboarding? base jumping? ice climbing? skyboarding? wingsuit flying?) nevermind the fact that I've only heard of half of this crap but is this all really necessary? SSX was an awesome snowboarding game. I like the idea of the extra environmental challenges but the extra challenges seem completely unnecessary.

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As far as I'm concerned they could just up-rez SSX 3 and I'd be happy....heck I'm still playing SSX 3! SSX On Tour sucked by the way. I hope they don't get to technical with pulling off the tricks in the new one.They were fun and easy to pull off in SSX 3. All this new crap sounds like they are just adding things in to add things in. Just make a good snowboarding/ski game for crying out loud. Make it fun and challenging. That's it...maybe something simular to...say... SSX 3...

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Hmmm... why it's going to do other sports OTHER than snowboarding is beyond me, but I don't really care that much! Mac FTW!

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