New Square Enix Game Project Athia Revealed During PS5 Event

Project Athia looks like a magic-infused action-adventure title with huge, fantastical enemies to defeat.


Square Enix announced a new action-adventure game called Project Athia during Sony's PS5 reveal event stream, a title the trailer said was "designed exclusively for the PlayStation 5." The brief trailer suggests you'll adventure through a fantastic world as a magic-wielding protagonist visiting "a world not her own."

The trailer showed a tennis shoe-sporting protagonist leaping and flying through the air across rocky outcroppings and cliffs, summoning tree roots to encircle ravenous-looking wolf creatures, and facing huge monsters.

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The trailer hints at what kind of story we're dealing with. The taglines in the video say, "In a world not her own, where resolve will be tested, truths will be questioned, and devotions will be doubted, she will rise." Judging by the protagonist's shoes, it seems likely she's from our world but has somehow been transported to a strange and fantastical place. Oh, and the end of the trailer shows a giant, fire-hearted dragon.

Immediately after the trailer was revealed on Sony's livestream, screenwriter Gary Whitta tweeted that he led Project Athia's writing team. They included "A-list writers" who've worked on "film, TV, games, and fantasy literature." Whitta also says they created "this immense new universe," which suggests there could be more to the Project Athia IP than just this one game.

The trailer notes that Project Athia is being developed by Square's Luminous Productions studio, but left off any other details--including when we can expect the game to be released.

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