New Splatoon 2 Maps Coming This Week

Fresh content is on the way.


Ahead of Gamescom 2017, Nintendo unveiled three brand new pieces of content for its Switch team-based shooter, Splatoon 2. These include a new map, a new Salmon Run stage, and a new special weapon, all of which are set to debut soon.

The new map is called Manta Maria. It's a large sailboat moored at a harbor. The focal point of the stage is its three masts and the surrounding netting. It will be be added to the map rotation Friday evening and will be available in both Turf Wars and Ranked Battles. You can get a look at it in the trailer below.

Before that, Nintendo will be rolling out a new Salmon Run stage called Lost Outpost. This map resembles a shanty town that was abandoned due to rising sea levels. Teamwork here is especially vital, as the stage features many walls that obstruct your view. Lost Outpost will be available following a free update on Wednesday, August 23.

The final new piece of content that Nintendo announced today is a brand-new special weapon, the Bubble Blower. This special allows players to launch up to three large bubbles, which will explode when shot with your team's ink. The bubbles also serve a defensive purpose, as they can protect you from enemy fire. The Bubble Blower will be coupled with the game's next free DLC weapon, the Forge Splattershot Pro, which is coming to the game next week, on September 1.

Also occurring that same weekend is Splatoon 2's next Splatfest. This competition asks players which superpower they would rather have: invisibility or flight. Exact timing details still haven't been announced, though like last time, it will likely begin at 9 PM PT/12 AM ET and run for a full 24 hours.

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