New Spelunky 2 Gameplay Trailer Reveals Online Multiplayer And New Characters

The sequel to one of gaming's best indies will launch next year.


PlayStation has posted the first gameplay trailer for Spelunky 2, the sequel to one of the best indie platform games of all time. The trailer was posted alongside an interview with the creator of the original Spelunky, Derek Yu, who revealed additional insight into the sequel.

"Since Spelunky 1 was released, a lot of great roguelike-inspired games have come out and pushed the genre in cool new directions, but I think Spelunky is still very unique in terms of the freedom it offers the player and the way different elements interact, where one event can trigger a cascade of consequences that have to be dealt with," Yu said. "At its core, Spelunky 2 is not too different [from the first game]. My opinion about sequels is that they are extensions of the previous games, so I want fans of Spelunky 1 to jump in and feel like they're playing a continuation, both storywise and mechanically."

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Yu later explains that Spelunky 2 is not a mirror image of the original, and does have a few differences. The most notable change is the addition of a second layer to every level. You'll be able to hop between each layer, and occasionally use one as a shortcut for the other. Yu feels like this adds a "third dimension" to the 2D game. "And then there's all the expected new areas, items, monsters, and traps," Yu added. "It really is a lot."

The Spelunky 2 gameplay trailer only lists the PS4 as a platform for the game, but the game is coming to PC too. The original Spelunky released on PC, before making its way to the Xbox 360, PS3, PSVita, and PS4.

Spelunky 2 is scheduled for 2019.

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