New Sony trademarks discovered before E3 include "Guns Up!"

The names of two more projects Sony may be revealing next month have surfaced.

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Potentially spoiling some announcements that Sony has in store for this year's E3, two of the company's recent trademark filings have been discovered: one for "Guns Up!" and the other for "Everything's Game."

The Guns Up trademark (discovered by NeoGAF) was filed for on April 29 by Sony Computer Entertainment America. As is often the case with uncovered trademark filings, details are scant; the application identifies it as being for "Computer game software; Downloadable computer game software via a global computer network and wireless devices; Video game software."

The Everything's Game trademark was also filed for on April 29, but this one lists Sony Online Entertainment, Sony's MMO-focused developer/publisher, as its owner. This one doesn't look to be intended for use as the name of a game, as the application states that it covers "Entertainment services, namely, providing online multiplayer computer games for others via the Internet."

A number of Sony trademarks have been filed for recently, including those for Bloodborne, Kill Strain, and Entwined. In both those cases and these latest ones, we can't be sure that projects under any of these names are actually in development or, if they are, whether they'll be announced at E3.

Sony has yet to announce a date for its E3 press conference. With E3 itself kicking off on June 10, if Sony holds true to the schedule it's used in the past, we'll likely be seeing it make its major announcements the day prior, on Monday, June 9.

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