New Sonic the Hedgehog game shown

Sega teases new series entry via Facebook video; due out on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2011.


Sonic the Hedgehog's most recent console endeavor was Sonic Free Riders, 2010's poorly reviewed Kinect game. Now, Sega has revealed that the next stop for the blue speed demon will be a multiplatform game for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Who's who here?
Who's who here?

Sega showed off a new Sonic game in a teaser trailer on Sonic's official Facebook page today. The trailer is just 50 seconds long and does not offer much in the way of details concerning the game.

However, the trailer does announce that the unnamed game will be released in 2011. Also, at the conclusion of the trailer, the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network logos are shown.

As for what is shown in the trailer, the teaser spot shows Sonic zipping through a sparsely colored environment, complete with series familiar checkered hills and loops. Interestingly, at its conclusion, Sonic meets up with what appears to be a clone of himself. The only difference between the two characters is Sonic's eyes are green and the other's lack a hue.

For more on the latest Sonic title, check out GameSpot's review of Sonic Free Riders for the Kinect.

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