New Smite Final Boss Battle Pass Now Available

Take to the battlefield of the gods as Hades, Guan Yu and more with the Smite Final Boss Battle Pass.


If becoming as gods and MOBAs are your top interests, then you're probably already familiar with Hi-Rez Studios' Smite. Now, Smite has come out with a new Final Boss Battle Pass to keep players entertained. Whether you want to throw down as Baba Yaga, Hades, or even Cthulu, there's something for you in the upcoming month of June.

The latest Smite Final Boss Battle Pass was released on May 20, bringing with it access to four new skins: Shadow Guan Yu, Legon Hades, Elder Djinn Baba Yaga, and Frost Gorgon Medusa. Chapter 3 of the Grim Omens storyline also went live at the same time, along with the launch of the Galaxy Hero chest for players to purchase. The patch notes for 7.5 on the Smite website go into further detail about what will be launched next, so stay tuned to keep abreast of upcoming content drops.

Players who choose to pick up the Battle Pass will unlock Legion Hades upon purchase, while those opting to shell out for the Battle Pass using Battle Points will unlock Elder Djinn Baba Yaga as well.

According to the official Smite website, the Final Boss Battle Pass will set players back 600 Gems. Gems can be earned from participating in in-game activities, or by purchasing them via the Smite store using real money.

With June looming on the horizon, players will also be able to access Cthulu as a playable character. The Giant Dreamer will be larger than all the gods, and his ultimate will reflect a truly monstrous size and shape when it's active. Fans who have long wanted to take up the reins of Cthulu will no doubt enjoy this new battle pass and the update to come next month.

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